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Thanks to Choupom, he spotted some weird things in the list. I like that format because your name should be primary. Flags are in my opinion to huge. Its in the right of the name, not the left.

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Again, alot happened behind the scenes. I like the clan name to the left of the name because it is liek: Somehow green, because of the demo format change which includes a notice whether it's a server or a client demo. It is not planned. And I feel it's the right person The new version looks rly good, for example language, clan and voting interfaces are nice.

Why do the flags look pixelly in the scoreboard? Currently installed 2 official extensions. I know this sounds picky as hell, 00.6.0 maybe in the vote page, in the bottom, instead of saying "Page 1 of 3", It should be Server Votes, Player Votes, etc I was talking about the changes since the compatiblity break.

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Made the client check whether version server and master server packets really come from these servers Made version change notice appear in red color Show the console's current page number when scrolling backwards Big thanks to Kottizen. Please login or register. They are like an eye catcher, whereas they shouldnt be one, because the main thing in the scoreboard should be the scores, which are in my opinion to smal in comparison to the other objects.

RSS topic feed Posts: Tee Killa Support Staff Offline. You are not logged in. Many nice things like country flags for players or a clan tag seperated from the player's name have been added. Right now I can't connect to any servers because it seems that all of them are offline.

I know maps and graphics won't be in test, but will the friend thing and the clan support thing work? teewrlds

Make sure to always have the latest version, since the static netversion was removed so you can't connect to servers that have a newer version What does that mean? In the mean time, enjoy the website! It seems that perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Added possibility to set your country flag It will show up next to your player name.

Gameplay changes are red. Added high-definition icon for the client and added an icon for the server Enabled debug rendering in the editor Fixed the map downloading for map changes Fixed the quick search on maps, so the browser shows the match Made the client look for maps in subfolders Made the sound load threaded again Made the server show disconnect reasons, e.

File:Teeworlds 0.6.0 preview grass.png

I still would like to know any race development that has taken place or is planned. Compatibility break - one step to 0. And I feel it's the right person.

Maybe you have noticed it already, there was a version change.

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Active topics Unanswered topics. Skip to forum content Teeworlds Forum Everything Teeworlds! You can download the newest versions here. Changes that were only possible because of the compatibility break, are marked with green.

I've been used to it being like that for as long as I can remember. Really nice update though I'm so excited for the official release! Added new emoticons by Landil link. Teerace is a different project with no direct relations to the official teeworlds development.

Where can we teeworlsd minor changes?

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