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Assorted Sleeve Designs by: He even has a song thanking a pod of dolphins for saving him from a shark while he was out surfing. He also worked on Give Signs, his first album to consist only of original songs on which he continued to experiment with unusual percussion, like the sound of a cricket ball bouncing on the floor and his own boots stomping down the steps. Ash's manager Matty Woo called Honey Rogue in at the 11th hour, knowing there was the slightest possibility. Streaming and Download help.

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The King's Blues Box by B.

Gargantua by Ash Grunwald reviewed :: The Dwarf

The formerly polite idea began to shout, on a Friday morning not that long ago, after Ash found himself in the somewhat unexpected position of performing live on Triple M Breakfast in Melbourne.

InGrunwald recorded a second album, I Don't Believe, again live and solo, this time using spanners and hammers for percussion vargantua adding several covers of Waits' songs.

Ash Grunwald — Gargantua Burned at Boddie by Various Artists. Purchasable with gift card. Ash Grunwald - Gargantua Client: And when a racket is made like that, by three of the most talented players in the country - holy shit - it near takes your head off. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 25, He found that he preferred playing solo, however, booking small shows along the coastline wherever there was a good beach he could surf at, even if it meant playing unnoticed for hours in the dark corner of a restaurant.


Gargantua by Ash Grunwald on Spotify

Add to Collection Copy link. Ash Grunwald - Gargantua. Waxploitation Records has come to Bandcamp; the label is home to several great acts: He even has a song thanking a pod of dolphins for saving him from a shark while he was out surfing.

Assorted Sleeve Designs by: Ash's manager Matty Woo called Honey Rogue in at the 11th hour, knowing there was the slightest possibility.

If you like Ash Grunwald, you may also like: Like a lot of blues and roots musicians, he's something of a young grunald, and many of his songs deal with subjects like escaping from the big city and spending time with nature. Sign Up With Email. Ash Grunwald Pistolera Management Size: Sure enough we hauled on through the night and made it on time.

I did about six songs with him. Silk Screen Printing by: The two had a passing acquaintance from sharing the bill at bargantua, but working together they discovered they had more in common than it first seemed.

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Comments You must sign up to join the conversation. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Notable instruments: Streaming and Download help. The boys are so chuffed by the sound of the three of them in room that they hit a studio and record an album, in a day. Rattlesnake Boogie by R.

Shortly after that he discovered Tom Waits, and in particular his work from the '80s and after, which involved experimental percussion with everything from pots and pans to a dumpster. It softly projected the notion that somehow, maybe, two thirds of The Living End could be his band on more than just a single…the planets aligning perhaps so garganfua they could bash out a full albums worth of tracks.

It was a quiet idea but it was persistent. We'd rather not make a habit of this though. The two continued working together on Grunwald's album, Fish Out of Water, which was the first of his albums not to be recorded purely live or on his own.

That began his obsession with the blues, expanded into an expertise by listening to the blues shows on Melbourne's community radio stations as a teenager. Those hours turned into 6 straight days of recording that ended with an immense sense of excitement and an idea realized.

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