Bijelo dugme kosovska

Sarajevo, Zagreb, Beograd Ko ne poludi taj nije normalan! The band had their first bigger performance at the BOOM Festival in Ljubljana , where they were announced as "the new hopes". He left the band after the album release, dedicating himself to business with computers. The band held only three concerts:

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At the beginning ofBijelo Dugme recorded a children's music album The Buttons, original also when it comes to costumes, on their five inch heels, with earrings and trinkets, colored their 'lyrics' with 'traditional ghenes'.

They set new standards in the entertainment industry and kept lifting them up.

Kosovska (English translation)

Facing the masquerade, electronic music, vulgar lyrics, society's scientific minds pushed their heads deep into sand. S3 Mediji Special editidon: Archived from the original on The song "Ima neka tajna veza" was performed by Joan Baez on her concerts in Belgrade and Zagreb. The clashes within the band were becoming more and more frequent, [34] the concerts were followed by technical difficulties and bad reviews in the press, [36] and the audience was not interested dugmd the band's concerts as it was during previous tours.

During their entire career, they had the endless love of the audience, the constant envy of their colleagues and divided sympathy of the establishment. The final number of copies sold was aboutThat sort of joy and that sort of spontaneity, that sort of sensitivity and that sort of togetherness are possible only with creative spirits, which do not bargain for their position, but simply share it with the others, the same, dgume equal.

The box set, released in a limited number of 1, copies, features remastered vinyl editions of all studio albums, and the reissue of the band's first kosovskw single as bonus.

Bijelo Dugme

That event was in the air, as a need of one generation of teenagers pinched between existing tepid culture and kosoveka of their young nature. Retrieved from " https: Then again, Bijelo Dugme is the only proof that the classic rock 'n' roll career is possible outside of English language.

Views Read Edit View history. Energy, as we know, can not be lost, although it often seemed to me that today's youth has lost it. In late FebruaryMihaljek organized Kongres rock majstora Congress of Rock Mastersan event conceptualized as a competition between the best Yugoslav guitarists at the time.

The oldest visitors of their concerts, which, like an epidemics, ravened during two months through all Yugoslav cities with more than 30, people, are not older than In this country there are also the League of Socialist Youththe Institute for Social Issues, musical experts, serious publicists and press, radio and television. The band had their first bigger performance at the BOOM Festival in Ljubljanawhere they were announced as "the new hopes".

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Lullaby for Radmila M. They held nine successful concerts across Poland.

In the early s, with the emergence of Yugoslav new wave scenethe band moved towards new wavemanaging to remain one of the most popular bands in dumge country. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There were several books written about the band: They fought for the freedom of taste, by then unimaginable in socialism, and won. JugotonDiskotonKamarad, Croatia Records.

Bijelo Dugme - Wikipedia

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The band's future several releases, featuring similar sound, maintained their huge popularity, described by the media as "Dugmemania", and the band's work, especially their symphonic ballads with poetic lyrics, was also kosovsak praised by the critics.

In Februarythe band released the album Uspavanka za Radmilu M. At the beginning ofthe band went on a tour which should have lasted until April 1. But neither institutions neither individuals had the courage although they have interest to establish the counterpoint to roistering advertising through something every society must have - through critical conscience.

Ristovski died in Belgrade on October 6,following years of battle with multiple sclerosis. The band started promoting the single, performing mostly in smaller towns. Not to execute or anathematize, but to knowingly lighten social life.

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