Export Options Single-line diagrams and library data can be exported in a multitude of formats: General improvements to the protection curves form. Viewing demos from the Release Note Viewer. The induction motor provides the network with current when short-circuit fault happens, in contrast, the PQ load absorb the fault currents.

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For the first part, a model of system is created on ERACS and the basic configuration of the network is obtained. Allows multiple harmonic sources to be connected to the system and their effect calculated. Log In Sign Up.

Power system fault analysis with ERACS | Jason Liu -

In addition, the different influence on fault behaviour of induction motor and PQ load is studied. However, as inductive load, induction motors consume large quantities of reactive power from the gird to establish and maintain a rotating magnetic field, and also bring a lagging power factor to the network as a result. Remember me on this computer.

Firstly, zero-sequence component is not exist in fault current and fault voltage. Therefore, the calculation, carried out by ERACS, of the steady state conditions of the network is reasonable and correct.

The configuration of this fault is illustrated in figure2. Bus3 to bus8 are working at slightly lower voltages than the rating voltage which is 3. The influence of the value of the earthing resistance In the analysis of steady-state conditions, the value of earthing resistance is ignored, since eacs does not make a difference if the system is operating in steady state. Therefore, the cost of regular replacement of erafs is also considerable.

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The power factor of induction motors varies with load, typically from around 0. Measured voltage distortion symbols for busbars. Skip to main content. To learn more or deny consent, consult the cookie policy. Introducing the toolbar added to element and library data entry forms.

ERA Technology Ltd.

In contrast, the non-rotating load makes a completely opposite impact on the fault behaviour of the network. For IMX in this model, the most reasonable solution is connecting static capacitors in parallel with it to achieve local compensation of reactive power.

Maximising network stability and ensuring continuity dracs energy supply is vital to critical infrastructure.

Therefore, in contrast with the motor, the non-rotating load has the same impact on the eraccs and the results of calculation are equal as well. Warning labels can be generated and customised from the tabulated reports and exported to Microsoft Word.

ERACS will step through stage by stage to confirm or not that the fault can be isolated in an acceptable manner. Plotting discrimination margins on protection graphs. Allows dynamic system behaviour to be studied, for instance motor starting, fault application, load application, load rejection and general behaviour. Identifying protection devices whose status has been set to off.

Having selected the desired protection settings, the protection program will check that no device will operate under steady state loadflow conditions. Results include total harmonic voltage and current distortion and their individual harmonic components in graphical and numerical formats. Tracing a protection, transient stability or harmonic impedance graph.

Since the induction motor is inductive load, the introduction of inductive load reduced the power factor of the network which means the network need to take more reactive power from external grid to maintain the normal operation. Besides, the voltage change on bus line should also be noticed.

On the one hand, devices that running with a lower power factor require more reactive power from the grid to achieve power balance. With budgetary pressures increasingly weighing over many parts of the power sector, you need to be absolutely sure that your plan is operating cost-effectively. Using ERACS to conduct power system analysis, you are able to save costs, reduce risk, improve system quality and increase reliability and safety. The voltage of busbar drops enormously due to a great line loss caused by the huge current.

Single-line diagrams and library data can be exported in a multitude of formats:

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