Ghazi alam tera uncha rahega

You are beautiful and majestic. Your conscience has changed altogether: Though freedom seems to outward sight, Yet is no less than prison tight. Atif Aslam All Video Songs. There were two courses of action open to them, that is, either the politico- cultural movement, or a purely cultural movement to meet the challenge threatening the position of the Muslims.

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Tell me about the secret of man, Tell how dust is a peer of the stars.

And I—I too inhabit this abode of light; but why Is the star burned out that rules my destiny? Zainab ko ghazi yaad. The mosque, the school and tavern too since long are silent like a tomb.

Perhaps the secret of nature is manifest to your eyes. Abbas ka jab zikr.

Mujpe kyon bandh karte. Love is the heady wine, Love is the grand goblet.

Nadeem Sarwar -noha-2001- Ghazi alam tera Uncha rahay Ga

Only the glow of heart to Life can zeal impart. Gar haq ki justuju. Ay karbala may haq.

You split yourselves in ghaai sects, In classes high and low; Think you the world its gifts will still on such as you bestow? In skirmish between wrong and right like tear of steel, he stands to fight!

Ghazi alam tera uncha rahenga x2 8. People recognise in him a thinker whose revaluation of Islamic thought has given the Muslim Community a new sense of purpose in life. The ocean is my goal.

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Jo shaamil e bazme. Be aab karbala may. You know the heart of the universe; Tell how a nation can be strong? Make sure it does not prick you!

Leave not one of the disbelievers' had. The Subcontinent went through the hardest phase of its history during Iqbal's lifetime. Come humbly, a gleam to its own land unknown?

Bhula unccha na dunya. Matam ki sada se. If you take it for a stream, How can your mind be sound?

Tera Uncha Hai Alam Noha Free Mp3 Download

His message may outlive the times it was delivered in. Ilm-e-Faqeeri The story of man is a witness to the truth: Ab mai so jaungi.

The twinkling stars do not disturb the calm which in your heart is found! The vastness of this desert ills me with fright. Bhai ko dekh rahi. Pyare nabi ki pyari. What other greatness have you?

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