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For instance, i n English [demi] occurs — as a p r e f i x — as an independent word — i n compounds In Russian, on the other hand, demi-] i s found only i n compound words: Ti si zena mog zivota Ne igraj se ne muci mi dusu Examples taken from these languages, however, do not provide an adequate assessment of gender i n loanwords.

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The only e x p l a n a t i o n of t h i s phenomenon'is that they were unanalyzed borrowings i n the r e c e i v i n g language and came i n by the "ear-route". For the purpose of t h i s study, therefore, the writer has chosen to analyse English and French loanwords that are found i n use i n present-day Russian; examples from other languages, e s p e c i a l l y German, w problwm l l be given occasionally insofar as they support the arguments pre-sented.

This theory, however, i s a p p l i c a b l e only w i t h i n one language because the borrowed form i s subject to the adapta-t i o n of the so c a l l e d system of the borrowing language. Lexique de l a guerre et de l a r e v o l u t i o n en Russe We encounter numerous masculine nouns from German which l i k e the examples taken from French underwent no change of gender.

Shipping and handling Policy. L i k e Russian, German has three c a t e g o r i e s of gender whereas French has only two and E n g l i s h has none. Ne moze niko za mene da zivi Worth, Gerta H u t t l. In case of s u f f i x -ade t h i s statement can be further proven by the following examples which have not only kept the stress pattern but the gender as well: Add to basket.

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In contemporary Russian new verbs show a d e f i n i t e tendency to j o i n the open and most productive class. However, t h i s p ronounciation, accord-i n g to the S o v i e t l i n g u i s t Avanesov, i s being "crowded out".

In addition to these, s i m i l a r examples were found i n German where the weakly stressed f i n a l -e was replaced by -a i n Russian.

O s c i l l a t i o n of gender of loanwords S t y l i s t i c v a r i a t i o n s and personal preference i s one of the causes of o s c i l l a t i o n between two genders, most commonly between masculine and feminine. S c i e n t i f i c terminology also presents a special f i e l d of study. Secondly, we mentioned that loanwords t e r m i n a t i n g i n a p a l a t a l i z e d consonant i n Russian may be absorbed by the masculine category of gender.

How to determine the gender of nouns The gender of a noun i s determined by the phonetic a s s o c i a t i o n of the l a s t sound of the word i n i t s Nominative S i n g u l a r form.

Furthermore, the gender poblem the loanword i n Russian may change i n time i f the word i s "well-worn". VG i n Eng. New Proble, The Macmillan co. Zelim da sretnm voljenu zenu The phonemic s u b s t i t u t i o n may be p a r t i a l or complete or even none, according to Haugen.

Derived primary words, c o n t a i n i n g more hi one bound form: Ja i slika tvoja Onkaut l a t t e r occurs only following p a l a t a l i z e d consonants. The number of masculine substantives were as f o l l o w s: Overwhelmed by the problem of gender, Mucnik quotes an i n t e r e s t i n g dialogue bet-ween a mother and her c h i l d: Russian language -- Foreign words and phrases -- English Russian language -- Foreign words and phrases -- French Russian languages -- Word formation.

Funk and Wagnalls, Co.

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In b r i e fbecause of the great gaps i n the Russian inventory no nasalized vowels, diphthongs, etc. Phonological analysis and discussion of the socio-cultural context is given consideration in order to enable the reader and the analyst to see this paper as a whole.

University of British Columbia Library. For example, from German the following examples were taken: The only two encountered are -Russ.

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