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We also have version 7. The schema of that database is larger than I would have expected -- 31 tables -- but most of the interesting stuff is relatively transparent. Mobile Apps by Lori Grunin Oct 15, On the other hand, if you have a slow network and the network went down, then you have to restart your PVCS tracker client to reconnect to the PVCS server.

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We are also investigating the possibility of migrating to Trac for ticket tracking, so doing fracker would serve a dual purpose for us as well as potentially helping out pvca community. Systems with names in italics are no longer maintained or have planned end-of-life dates. Best bet would be TeamTrack. Whether you're part of the DeleteFacebook crowd or the 'Time Well Spent' movement, these are your best alternatives to the world's largest social network.

Tech Industry by Marrian Zhou Sep 25, String values for tickets are stored in the trkscrst table. Table trkscrst SCR State? Nobody knows how to turn this auto-refresh off.

– [connector] PVCS Tracker

So the details are as follows: Applications by Abrar Al-Heeti Nov 29, They are really just an enumeration. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from December All stub articles Computer programming tool stubs. One show-stopper problem with PVCS Tracker's windows version is that, you have to be the same user who installed the PVCS tracker to use it, otherwise, you won't have the odbc driver that is needed pgcs connect to the database.

PVCS Tracker windows client reloads itself periodically. Decryption is obviously the reverse of this procedure. PVCS follows the "locking" approach to concurrency control; it has no merge operator built-in but does, nonetheless, have a separate merge command.

This is stored in trkchg: Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The column in trkscrst or trkscrsl in which the data is stored determines the label by way of trkfield. The company is redesigning the logos for Word, Excel and PowerPoint for pvvcs first time in five years.

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We also have version 7. Comment 12 James Tait On the other hand, if you have a slow network and the network went down, then you have to restart your PVCS tracker client to reconnect to the PVCS server. Here's how to turn it on by Matt Elliott. Comment 10 Mik Kersten PVCS Tracker - v. The user password is divided into chunks of 9 characters.

Comment 9 James Tait Also, it could make sense to contact Serena about your interest in the support. I'm able to try out things on my local dataset to prove things, but I can't share trackerr actual data and I can't share any source code I produce in my day job.

PVCS Tracker - ( v. 7.5 ) - complete package Series

For note changes the fields appear to represent previous and new note titles, although I'm not sure what happens if the teacker remains the same and the note contents are changed -- perhaps this is where chgFlags and chgParm1 come into play. DOS[ citation needed ] WindowsUnix-like.

A connector would be a most welcome addition to my tool set. I've run out of time for this instalment, but I'll add more about ticket change history, notes and attachments this evening. Comment 7 James Tait Comment 14 James Tait

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