Satson channel

But if given the choice, I'd probably choose real Ziljian cymbals. Not the best in terms of resource consumption, it's very heavy Find More Posts by JonnyGinese. I'd definitely puchase VCC and SatSon, seriously, they work together just fine and complements each other in a nice way.

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Hope this info helps. I'll look into this VCC unit too Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill.

Satson Console

Originally Posted by ngarjuna The best is Nebula. All times are GMT Answering "what is best" is always impossible. The Spikey emulation is a joke in my opinion and I have a lot of respect for Waves plug-ins audio quality. For the closest console sound? Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill agreed. But If I could advise - Nebula sounds great, but it will eat all resources you've got. In my opinion, this and SatSon are the best console emulations, in algorithms, so far.

Initially with no Satson plug ins then 0. Clicking the Satson logo reveals three back-panel settings: That's why I tend to dislike any console emulation that's "easy" to hear; that's not how great consoles work.

Extra back-panel colouration options. I'll have my grandmother test them. Originally Posted by Wilkesin. Find More Posts by Banned.

Originally Posted by richie43 I am admittedly a Nebula-holic. As mentioned, this can be gentle, even when using the Fat or Loudness settings.

Printing to BOTH simultaneously, and then chsnnel playback Although I know it, and I am not dumb, nothing is like a studder 16 track tape recorder.

Sonimus Satson review | MusicRadar

I keep hearing recommendations from very enthusiastic Nebula users though. If you want to push things harder, there's plenty of gain available the auto gain compensation is very welcomebut the sound never becomes nasty.

What makes this all the more difficult topic continues in the comparison between 'real' instruments and their digital emulations.

It's also a bit brighter than Waves. I've been testing out the NLS and it seems to add "something" that I like However, this is no 'black box' solution. The underlying concept is that the plug-in saturates like an analogue console, imparting that flavour to your mixes. But for non-Nebula, I am blown away by chaannel Sknote suite. I still recall the day the first RDat 2 trk deck was installed at one of the studios I worked.

Any opinions as to how they compare? Software channell of chabnel It can stand on it's own, and when combined with the NLS channels, it also sounds great too and vice-versa. Sometimes convenience becomes the deciding factor. Visit Jason Brian Merrill's homepage!

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