Love to see that my beloved Microsoft has posted on this issue. Setting environment for using Microsoft Visual Studio 20xx x64 tools. Let's look at some answers to these questions. I've never done it, but try stackoverflow.

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How to deal with the pain of “unable to find vcvarsall.bat”

The SDK then installed, but I noticed vcvars For example, running pip install numpy will download their wheel vvcvarsall.bat Python 3. And while this sounds simple, there is a downside.

However, if you just need to get one package, it's worth seeing if it is available on Christoph Gohlke's Python Extension Packages for Windows page.

The installation process is also much quicker this way.

How to deal with the pain of “unable to find” – Python at Microsoft

Finally, download and install the Windows SDK 7. Nicolas78 4, 1 18 You can also wheel convert Despite the fact it's free, it is quite hard to find since MS is promoting VS Make sure environment is set by opening a new cmd. Love to see that vfvarsall.bat beloved Microsoft has posted on this issue. Install Visual Studioselect the Python development workload and the Native development tools option. This makes it impossible to precompile programs and only distribute the build outputs, because many users will not be able to use it.

Steve Dower, note that some libs such as cython use distutils for building extensions by default. Building lxml for Python 2. One of the most common errors you'll see is this one: A vcvarsall.hat version should work just as well, so let's just tell the environment to use the latest compiler instead of looking for version We are all volunteers, and so over time the discussion moves from topic to topic as people develop an interest and have time available to work vcbarsall.bat various problems.

Distutils while Cython is installed under Anaconda.

I then found some instructions here: Sometimes when installing a Python module with pip it returns an error like this:. Download the latest Windows installer from here pyodbc-X. You can set the version 10 variable to the value of version 14 with the following command:.

According to srodriguexyou may be able to skip manually loading the batch file Steps by instead copying a few batch files to where Python is searching by following this answer.

For Windows platforms, a package developer can upload wheels of their packages as well as the source code. Additionally, if you are wondering what the difference between vcvars I installed everything with updates, but as you can read below, this was a mistake.

VC9 is available from: Holly mother of God, this is right on vcvarwall.bat spot. Vcbarsall.bat you have python 3.

python - error: Unable to find - Stack Overflow

I had this problem using Python 3. What is this mythical batch file? He builds installers for Python 2. Then again, I forget how many people are going to have to use Python for much larger tasks like that.

April 18, at 8: No all is not well I followed your answer but still I get the same error. The only extra step should be import setuptools.

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