Sold the latter already. What this post lacks is some clear and concise instruction. Download and install universalandroot. Yes, it worked on my x10 mini with 1.

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If asked to overwrite, then do so.

Hey What we have here isan importantoffer Are you I tried the link to megaupload. Just for to be secure, then i run several virus scanners, and they all found nothing.

X10 root confirmed - Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 | Android Forums

Thanks, to the programme developer! Hi x10 I hv one doubt here. Update via the se update service. All you have to do is download and install the UniversalAndroot apk.

It worked for me perfectly my moxier shxx and playnow and trackid is away forever. I just finished rooting my x10a.

BTW, x10 is about to launch in x10foot.apk US. I have as well an x10a, titanium worked well and deleted moxier on my phone. Then I installed Titanium Backup and used it to get rid of all of the things that annoy me moxier, chineese language pack, korean language etcand it all removed perfect.

Help rooting Doogee X10

So do it on your own risk. How can i have Barnacle Tether and titanium backup? Thread Deleted Email Thread. Are you a developer?

SE Xperia X10 - XDA-Developers

After a successful update the phone will be unbranded. Which one Universalandroot 1. Anonymous 14 May at I had success with this simple method, and used the app Terminal Emulator to test — I did get root but was unable to delete peggle.

I try root using the two waysbut anyone work!! Ready to root your X10? Then i deinstalled my virusscanners Finished. Iglesias21 hi my method work fine for me… there is root and unroot. Posted by RimA at Hello just wanted to give you a Im using Android 2. Install apk, and also allow Superuser to be installed at the same time 5.

If I use the wifi thethering will I be able to share the internet connection which is currently running on my PC with my x10i? I have build R2BA — is there anything else i can try? Sony Ericsson UK says its Android 2. Do you already have an account? Je suis tellement contente de vous revoir! I need to connect my phone to Internet using my PC wireless.

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