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So after ever "piece is collected", aka every character route has ended, the Wizard turns back time so that the main character will fall in love with someone else and she can collect another piece. I give this route a 7. Yeonho meanwhile, I started the route thinking I might like him, but got tired of hoping for anything immediately. He says that she cannot exit the merry go round until she remembers. I never would have guessed this cutie was yandere just from looking.

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It's around Tei's route where he gets really impatient and starts tearing pages out of Eri's diary. Tei was next level. Otoem Mr Yujin gave it to the main character, he warned her that it burns through fabric.

With that said, there is a strong aspect of play involved in which you determine which choices the protagonist makes. Each time, Red can't save her from it and only finds out about it afterwards.

During Red and Tei's routes, the secret character is the one who makes her lose her lose her memories. Red is cheerful on the outside, but internally he struggles with the fact that he might not have the superpowers of a hero and that he won't be special, making him useless nmaeless.

He's extremely narcissistic too, boasting about his attractiveness to the point where it was annoying though to be fair, he is really attractive.

But I didn't really get that attached to him, I was never really keen on him. Most otome visual otoem available to western gamers deserve a look due purely to their niche status, but Nameless deserves attention for more than that. Lance and Yuri are my favourites, and I found that Red's route was kind of boring and meh compared to the others.

I decided to play the routes in the game using the recomended order Lance, Yeonho, Yuri, Tei and then Red to get a really complete playing experience. I don't know for sure why, but I definitely liked Yuri's character in the end.

Ever since her grandfather gave her a doll, Eri has become a doll collector. Yes, otomf are otomes with abuse in them, but I don't think many otomes talk about the aftermath of the experience, what people learn from it, and how it affects someone afterwards.

Tei was so creepy!

The two had a great friendship, and somehow I wished it could have stayed that way. I liked him, then I didn't, then I did. I thought I'd really like Lance, but he ended up just being kind of meh.

Yeonho meanwhile, I started the route thinking I might like him, but got tired of namelezs for anything immediately. I namelesw couldn't "fall in love" in his route. The issues touched on in the route felt so real, much like Yeonho's route. Again, the issue is not nearly as bad as some other visual novels and thankfully does not destroy immersion.

The toy agrees and the wish is granted. Lance is marvelous, he was my fave until Red's route lol.

Review: Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~

Near the end, I was fed up with Yuri. She offers him some of hers, but he refuses.

Using Yeonho's ability to sense spirits and Red's special powers to sense how to protect the one he loves, they are lead to the old storage closet in the main character's home.

Frustrated, he takes her to the amusement park and they ride the merry go round. As she got older and more mature, she forgot about him, and his soul was sent to a place where all abandoned toys must go until their owner gamee their name. Red was obviously upset, but he kept saying he'd support them if it made Eri happy before running away to hide his sadness. Sentence structure is incorrect at times and at others points the wrong word is used. I apologize for the length of this as well.

Is it worth it? A spoiler free review of Nameless | Otome Amino

He sleeps with her in the pure cute way, not the other way and wakes her up in the morning. Somehow, Eri's disappearance in this route didn't hit me as hard as it did in Yuri's. Thank you so much for reading.

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