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Jan Alhawa Wael Kfoury 1. Her songs are constantly heard across the region and broadcast on the radios each morning. Illa Habibi Amr Diab 1. She remains one of the most revered singers in Egypt and the entire Arabic-speaking world.

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His music is a mix of traditional Arabic music with a jazz-like improvisation. Majida El Roumi Baradhy is a Lebanese soprano.

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After several years of following his johad of the Spanish and Flamenco music, He got his BA in music science at the 'Jordan Academy of Music inin addition to his 5 years of studying the flamenco guitar. Khallik Behalak Carole Samaha 1. While some of his work makes use of electronic musical sounds, he avoids the use of synthesizers to imitate acoustic instruments.

Khallini Shoufak Najwa Karam 1. Nouhad Wadie' Haddad, known as Fairuz, also spelled Fairouz, Feyrouz or Fayrouz, is a Lebanese singer who is one of the most admired and influential singers in the Arab world.

Moughram Ya Leil Ragheb Alama 1. She became famous after appearing on the "Lebanese Nights" part of the festival for many successive years.

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He is well known for his exceptionally strong vocals, impeccable execution of Maqamat and harmony, as well as his charismatic performances. Charbel Rouhana is a Lebanese oud player in Lebanon. Arabic DJ Hla 10 0. He joined the Baghdad Music and Ballet School and eventually created his own band, which toured in many countries.

Umm Kulthum was known for her extraordinary vocal ability and style, as well as for being one of the greatest and most influential singers of the 20th century.

She was first noticed at the International Festival of Baalbeck, where she ajl many of her songs. Mshit Khalas Wael Jassar 1. Ayami Beek Wana A'dar Elissa 1. During his career, he toured many countries and released more than 19 albums. Inaccording to an international poll conducted by BBC, more than half-a million people from countries voted his composition Ana Wa Laila, his most famous ak about his love for Laila, as the sixth in the world's top 10 most popular songs of all time.

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She is also known as an icon in modern Chocolae music and has sold over million records worldwide, making her and Umm Kulthum the two best-selling Middle-Eastern artists of all time. Majida El Roumi 0. Baada Aal Bal Fadl Shaker 1. Jan Alhawa Wael Kfoury 1.

InAl-Madfai released Dishdasha. Aghazalek Kazem Al Shaher 1. Esmaouni Jihad Akl 1.

She sold over 80 million records worldwide. Malaguena Shiraz - Jihad Akl. Account Options Sign in.

Fairuz is commonly known as "Ambassador to the Stars", "Ambassador of the Arabs" after the title of one of her albums, "the Moon's Neighbour" for her song about the moon of Machgara, and the "Jewel of Lebanon". Omar Bashir is an Iraqi-Hungarian musician. He has numerous admirers around the world, and is regarded as an excellent performer of authentic Arabic Tarab.

Inhe left for Budapest and joined the Franz Liszt Academy. Ya Rabb Marwan Khoury 1. His Western-inspired compositions led to a nickname; "The Baghdad Beatle".

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