This is a superb offering, especially with mates. Find out more about PinWar. Flipping excellent The idea is simple: But recently there have been several experiments in getting friends together in the same room for some healthy competition.

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Some call for quick flipping action, some a more considered approach lest you accidentally lose a life.

PinWar 1.3.0 APK

Each person holds one end of the iOS device and taps on the left or right of the screen to flick the corresponding flippers.

Find out more about PinWar. Factoring in an insane amount of missions and stage structures to boot, and this is an experience worth pulling the plunger on. Things can get pretty intense due to its up-close-and-personal control scheme and frantic flipping action, occasionally hampered by obscured screens when your thumbs get in the way.

It takes the simple concept of pinball, melds it with the direct competition aspect of air hockey, and produces a slick, easy to understand game that anyone can and will enjoy with friends.

That's the field of play, and the object of the game is to get the ball into your opponent's gutter enough times to deprive him of all his lives.

Then throw pijwar all the gimmicks but retain a few bumpers, some of the passive structures, and add a bucket load more flippers.

PinWar has pinqar art and music style that may strike a chord with fans of the Geometry Wars franchise. XP builds up your overall rank, which you can show off via Game Center, but what you're really after are Lightnings. If none of the tables suits you then you can also make your own in the robust level creator, pinwxr sharing them with mates is currently impossible.

The best of these missions is Pinear. Though the single-player tires after a while, it's when the game riffs on its core ideas via the brain-twisting missions that you realise you've got something truly special on your hands. But recently there have been several experiments in getting friends together in the same room for some healthy competition.

It's a combination of pinball and air hockey, with the neon stylings of a slightly muted Geometry Wars. If you don't have a pal around then don't worry - you can take on the AI, gaining Lightnings and XP pibwar each match you play. Players face off against either an AI or flesh and blood person, to try and sneak balls through the digital five hole.

Pong was a game where players would use paddles to try and smack a ball past their opposition. Flipping excellent The idea is simple: Though not necessarily a stumbling block, this mediocre aspect of the mechanics certainly took some getting used to. Though its main selling point may be multiplayer, it's the way that PinWar builds upon its core conceit that will keep you coming back even when you're on your lonesome.

This is a superb offering, especially with mates.

Take this same concept and replace the paddle with two flippers and the result would be PinWar. You needn't necessarily compete with one another, though: Note that if the developer provides the product or not, this does not impact the review or score.

PinWar Review | Apps

Luckily, it actually is. Unless gravity starts behaving far more erratically in the future, this is far from being even remotely realistic. The futuristic aesthetic and pulsing beats set a nice backdrop for the insanity that is bound to ensue. Just try not to be too competitive when crushing the opposition.

Wizard XP builds up your overall rank, which you can show off via Game Center, but what you're really after are Lightnings. For a while there, it looked like single-screen multiplayer was dead. PinWar is one such experiment, and a successful one at that. It's an aggressive, perhaps less strategic take on the arcade games of old, with one of its main modes being two-person multiplayer on one shared device.

Stage structures and layouts vary greatly from round to round, but the core conceit still boils down to that simple ideal.

PinWar | Articles | Pocket Gamer

These missions encourage you to think laterally about the physics at play and hone your skills, which you can then bring into the main Battle mode. Lightnings are used to unlock new tables, and though the couple you start with are interesting enough to play, the more expensive the table the more radically different the gameplay becomes.

Pitting two opposing forces against each other for pinball supremacy sure sounds like fun.

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