Rabadaba love potion

Jeezy Nya Mugumba 55 Plays 55 Downloads. It was a huge song and his follow up releases, though mostly passable, were given a lot of leeway by the public because Bwekili was just sumptuous. Lindah Blessings Tundura 24 Plays 24 Downloads.

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Mpa Nkuwe Beenie Gunter ft Maro 18, plays 15, downloads.

Rabadaba’s Music Come Back Falls Short

The magic is still missing though. Music and theatre news. Remote Leone Sugar 1 Plays 1 Downloads. Ondobessa Maryna 4, plays 3, downloads.

Nakimuli Gift Ebikunyumira 1 Plays 1 Downloads. Atakutya Gwentya Mun g ft Rabadxba Neithan 23, plays 24, downloads. Mukyamu 7, plays 4, downloads.

Tuliyambala Engule Bobi lpve. UN 04 Jan Kidnapped MTN engineer was a victim of mistaken identity 04 Jan Tanzania clears Ugandan agricultural produce, and edible oils 04 Jan Kapelebyong leaders accused of giving relatives benefit from restocking How can I prove my virginity?

Banana Jear Bogela 37 Plays 37 Downloads. Chips Na Ketchup Remix Vinka. Monopoly Ongo 37 Plays 37 Downloads. Jeezy Inre Minen 24 Plays 24 Downloads.

After basking in all the praise, doffing your hat off and smiling all the way to the bank or wherever it is you prefer to do your smiling fromyou are faced with a simple question: He has been trying to find his way back to that winning formula ever since and while Mukyamu was okay, it just did not have the same magic.

Kijanah Boda Boda 57 Plays 57 Downloads.

LYRICS: 'Love Portion' by Don MC And Rabadaba

You drop a song, it takes the world by surprise because it is catchy, mind-blowing and has them wondering how the heck you managed to pull it off. Baani Latinum 23, plays 19, downloads. Josef Kollinz Kazanyo 80 Plays 80 Downloads.

Jonpol Omwana Wabandi 17 Plays 17 Downloads.

Mighty Zeus Lion ft. Turn the Replay Levixone 10, plays 11, downloads. Laty Wizy Omukwano gwo 3 Plays 3 Downloads. Kisekka guides URA past former bosses.

Lindah Blessings Tundura 24 Plays 24 Downloads. Gwe Aliko Nadia Rania. Kindly provide your details to receive the Newvision Newsletter.

Replace me John Blaq. You a song, it takes the world by surprise because it is catchy, mind-blowing and has them wondering how the rabadzba you managed to pull it off.

Laty Wiz Nzikiliza 4 Plays 4 Downloads. Tweets by eachamps Loading Serial Killer Naira Ali 5, plays 5, downloads. Nzuuno 9, plays 5, downloads.

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