Sakmann came nowhere near this. Quite apart from the substance of the letter to Professor Allen, what amazes me, as an arts graduate, is that no one seems to have proofed it. If there was ever a case for reverse causality, that’s it twitter. On a semi-related note, I received my instructions for what to do on the day of my graduation ceremony. Based on limited reading and documentary work. Some things must be believed. The argument is about how the identification is done, and then about what to do next.

There is no coherent argument. News and current affairs Replies: No understanding or knowledge of the topic. No attempt at analysis. Sadly, he was an excellent surgeon, but obviously a scientist driven by IF and publications. The courage is needed by the people at QMUL who run a real danger of being fired if they point out the brainless procedures that are being used. No structure at all.

I could stop here, but take also this one, also from the Letter I received from the redundancy committee this time it should concern our students — how many of them reached to read this post?

Degree classification is unfair to many students

About 10 hours ago. It has all the incoherent use of buzzwords so typical of HR. Inadequately informed; erroneous in matters qmul essay grade boundaries fact and interpretation; poorly organised. Why is there so much fraud? Hannah grows her grades!! Tell us a little about yourself to get started.

Achieving excellence in research and in teaching is no mean goal, and one needs to administer a complex institution in parallel.

Is Queen Mary University of London trying to commit scientific suicide? – DC’s Improbable Science

That will happen only if we keep quiet when they are proposed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Computer Science and Film Studies.

CaulfieldTim do you think there’s a case for stopping obs epidemiology? Which, of course, is precisely why they should have nothing to do with assessing people. The two best journals for electrophysiology are Journal of Physiology qmul essay grade boundaries factor 4.

Here is one of 17 maps showing the origins of of the hits in the last qmul essay grade boundaries days. To deal with these individuals, management proposes redundancy or mandatory demotion to teaching-only status; the union proposes mentoring accompanied by relatively small investments of extra resources and studentships, and a reduction of teaching load.

Academic mobility is limited for a variety of reasons. Even H-indexes and qmul essay grade boundaries indices are dramatically skewed towards fields characterized by vast collaborations and publishing diarrhoea.

We already had the best method, and that is to ask people to nominate their best papers. You win your bet. Where an attempt number is greater than 1 this indicates a re-sit attempt.

I often wonder twitter. A potential employer might not get to find out that the engineering student scored top marks in an optional course in Spanish or qmul essay grade boundaries in a particular aspect of the course.

And with restructuring, female staff qmul essay grade boundaries more likely to be forced into teaching-only contracts or indeed fired”. Should be part of the School Handbook. For example, funding is not graded, but a sharp step function — we have 1 or 2 or 0 grants and even if the average is above your limits, no one could sustain this continuously.

This is a guide to the criteria used by staff in assigning a mark to a piece of work. When things go wrong, repair mechanisms may qmul essay grade boundaries very difficult to implement.

Maybe in your own field, your assertion holds water but I am living proof that as a psychologist it is possible to publish prolifically and still have qmul essay grade boundaries hand in writing every single publication. Nor is the letter even laid out correctly: However, this system has fundamental and damaging weaknesses. Of course we also seek the opinions of people who know the work, and preferably know the person.

Evidence of a capacity to pursue independent lines of enquiry and to conduct perceptive and scholarly research on the basis of primary evidence. The minutes of the faculty panel that evaluated whether I met the above mentioned metrics include:. Careless presentation; absence of references. Another critical weakness of the current degree classification system is that the richness of the student’s experience — subjects taken and marks achieved — is submerged, leaving only the class of qmul essay grade boundaries degree.

She hoped this clarified the situation. Too many are modest achievers, retired from their own studies, intoxicated with jargon, delusional about corporate status and forever banging the metrics gong.

Department of History

No attempt at analysis. The new data were then alleged to demonstrate that the problem of underperformance in research was due to weak individual staff rather than too much qmul essay grade boundaries or a lack of internal investment.

It seems that physics is as corrupt as much of medical science when it comes to being honest about authorship. Such papers, however good the content, are useless for assessing individuals, because there is no easy way to discover what the contribution of each author is. CaulfieldTim Here is an early example www. To support the case for more undergraduates, the College produced new estimates of student: June — May The qmul essay grade boundaries Rumwold Leigh on Christopher Robin: Third Class A thin piece of work which nevertheless demonstrates some knowledge of relevant material and an ability to marshal it.