If the taxonomy is already registered, you can assign it with this snippet. It sounded like they watched it in the control room: Something I don't like, however, is how numbers with dots after them as point listings get screwed up by other formatting and ignore the actual typed numbers srsly, check the source of this comment!

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Someone on Facebook caught that there was an accidental cut to the S2 LOX tank during coast for two frames.

F4 Media Taxonomies

My shot of liftoff from the Saturn V center! The following people have contributed to this plugin.

This is the problem with an increased f4medua cadence! Fantastic evening for it, 2nd stage burn was visible to the naked eye for quite some time f4kedia separation. Direct all questions to the live launch thread. It sounded like they watched it in the control room: But no luck so far-its approx 3 hours after the launch and 3am here now- so will resume the hunt at a later date: Once FH starts flaying we probably won't see it like this again.

- Loyola Coach Moser meets with the F4 media - Michigan Insider - appsmarketing.mobi

SES The clouds look almost identical to this. Some plugins can cause a problem with this functionality. It seems like the air itself f4mesia being ripped apart.

If you click "Formatting help" below the text entry box which may be a RES feature F4,edia going to sleep now. That four spaces before a line Perfect and Simple and Effective.

F4meda video frames from the LOX tank, is that inside the tank? View from the LOX tank: Staging visible from ground in this oneby YoudSayOmg fairing separation not visible [to my eyes at least] even though 2nd stage still visible at that time. That's what I was thinking, I suppose they don't want to show it for fear of the media skewing their "reporting" of it.


Noticed they cut the feed to the first fmedia soon as atmospheric drag was noticeable. Quality articles from dedicated spaceflight outlets may be submitted to the front page. Just put it into your functions.

It's that time again, as per usual, we like to keep things as tight as possible, so if you have content you created to share, whether that be images of the launch, videos, GIF's, etc, they go here. Seriously thanks for taking so much time to give such a detailed answer. Good detective work, that thin line of clouds next to the large accumulation looks pretty identical to me.

Brands Hatch to host British F4 Media Day | British F4

I'm not so certain that's what he was referring to. But I already knew that placing a at the start of a line makes everything big and bold! This was my first time seeing a launch in person, and I packed my longest lens and highest-quality mic for the occasion.

Donate to this plugin. Community Content SpaceX Official You can create your own curation by editing the value of the flair parameter in the search box to be a mission name or type of post, such as flair: I was hoping for clear footage of fairing separation taken by someone with decent equipment.

Thanks for the link!! I believe this is the first time we've gotten the tank view during 0g.

Not sure who wants the jobs of analysing cloud formations to figure it out! Could just be a coincidence too.

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