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Also, in both versions, the popup dialogs flicker strangely. Viewing source code It is possible to view the source code associated with fact extraction using LSEdit. No summary available for freeciv-data in ubuntu saucy. Are you sure you are using gtk2-client and not new gtk3 one?

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Combat Animation 2.3. Displaying on Kubuntu with Oxygen theme You can get help here if Freeciv doesn't start on your computer, or if you keep getting fatal errors while playing etc.

Alternatively, and much more simply you can take advantage of the fact that this exercise has already been done for you and download the 3. The above sizing which allocates Mbytes of memory to the permanent memory space and 1Gbyte of memory to the heap is frefciv the size of the lsedit executable itself approaching the maximum memory that can be used by a single program on a 32 bit machine. Check the log captured from the build process, and remove any parts of the build process not deemed relevant to the subsequent fact extraction.

freeciv-client-gtk 2.3.2-1 (i386 binary) in ubuntu quantal

No summary available for freeciv-client-xaw3d in ubuntu raring. Check the start of the output in freeciv. Grok and JGrok If you wish to manipulate the facts extracted you may use either grok or jgrok. Top template is property of eMule. Everything works fine, except the combat animations. Note that one can have more than one command by changing the hot key name in the right hand bottom corner any of h, f4-f You might wish to capture the output from the build process itself by using the script command.

If you intend to perform all of the steps involved in extracting facts from FREECIV you will need to complete the following steps on a linux machine since asx will only currently run on such ffeeciv. If you are working on machines with only a limited amount of main memory you may find it freeiv difficult to suitably configure memory, and may not freeiv able to successfully load freeciv.

No description available for freeciv- client- extras in ubuntu quantal. But thanks for the reply!

Is this a known issue, is this something new? Also, in both versions, the popup dialogs flicker strangely.

No summary available for freeciv-client-sdl in ubuntu saucy. Basically the top white line names the command to be executed, and each of the lines in the grey box specify a single parameter to this command. Over time, new technologies are discovered, which allow the construction of new city buildings and the deployment of new units.

Freeclv downloaded the current beta of 2.

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You can check that the value has 22.3.2 changed by closing the attribute dialog box and then reopening it. This can normally be achieved by creating the approriate directories and placing the source code appropriately.

No description available for freeciv-data in ubuntu saucy. Building the beta2 from source didn't solve this issue. No description available for freeciv- sound-standard in ubuntu saucy.

Viewing source code It is possible to view the source code associated with fact extraction using LSEdit. Download and build lsedit.

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TWiT This Week i FREECIV fact extraction steps The following are all of the steps needed to perform fact extraction, given that one starts with nothing.

FreeCiv used to work just fine on Ubuntu in the last few years, and this is the first time I run into an issue. This does ring a bell in a sense that we had similar problem with unit movement animation not showing on gtk3-client. Freeciv is quite configurable, so it can be played in Civilization I, Civilization II or Freeciv mode, or in a custom mode.

I am mostly looking for other people that installed freeciv-gtk2 from repository on Ubuntu Kubuntu At this point, before I start digging in, I'd like to hear if it's just me, or the setup. Username Password Remember Me.

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