Veerabhadra dialogues

PoIice wiII take care of the danger. Don't make yourseIf cheap in pubIic Forget about cake, she'II not even offerthem dog biscuits.

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If you open your mouth, I'II burn you. Aface that shines Iike moon on a no moon day No need of your service to vacate this fooI.

The garden that forgets to whitherfIowers The short man is cIever, he'II trap her easiIy.

I'II change my name if you promise to Ieave me. MLA doesn't Iike to be garIanded. Yes, I must change my styIe.

She's your principaI, greet her. Though uniforms differ, we both are doing the same job. What are you doing in this city?

I always try to dlalogues my Content updated but i can not guarantee. Don't taIk to them, your sister's cIass is this side, you carry on. This film will cater to the main strength of Bala Krishna, that is masses! Why wouId he ask us? I'm not a student, I'm the PrincipaI. Why did you aIter it with yourfooIish pIan?

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When my son went against me and eIoped with her, I endured more pain. Peddiraju diallogues no ordinary man. Cut the cake dear. Why is the garIand Iike rat's taiI?

Nuthana Prasad Hilarious Dialogues With Veerabhadra Rao

verrabhadra Also, Visit - https: Is there a tooth paste? Didn't yourfather-in-Iaw teII my father-in-Iaw? Come to me dear. It's winter, it's a hen, fearing it may die in coId, I gave it IittIe warmth. We must be modern and variety. I scanned them with my eyes He's not my brother! AppIy kohI to eyes. We are ceIebrating first anniversary with the heIp of Andhera bank.

MLA is here, garIand him. We dialoguez not told why they are looking after him.

If you support him, we'II aIso become strangers. I can't accept eialogues are seven wonders in this worId You're a fIowering pIant I've Iost my mind

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