Amantu billahi

The chapters which were revealed to him during the time he was in Madinah are known as Madani Madinan. I also believed in the books of Allah. This is why Islam also means peace.

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The only book that exists in its original form is the Holy Quran. Looking around, we can see that everything is obeying the laws of nature, which are the Laws of Allah.

To believe the Day of Judgment life after death6.

The 6 Fundamentals of Belief (Amantu Billahi) Design Frame: Brown Leather Vaneer Frame

Those who have gone astray during their lives on earth will be punished severely in Hell, permanently. This is why Islam also means peace. I also believed in the angels of Allah.

I also believed in the Day of Judgment. They are made of divine light nur to carry out specific jobs. Tawhid, Risalah and Akhirah.

To make more sense, you could say He is like a fortune teller. Yes, Please make this my home page! We have evidence of Tawhid, as research of scientists around the world have shown us. According to a saying of Muhammad pbuh there are one hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets who have ever been sent down to earth. He is neither led astray — such as the biplahi, who do not proceed on any path with knowledge, nor is he one who erred — such as the knowledgeable, who know the Truth, yet deviate from it intentionally to something else.

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Therefore, He has neither a partner, a brother nor a sister. Wa bil-qadari khayrihi wa sharrihi minallahi taala: Angels never get tired, therefore they are always at work. To become a Muslim, a person must declare Shahadah, which is as follows: This belief has been stated clearly in Surah Al-Ikhlas, in the Quran: In order to become a Muslim, a person has to believe in Shahadah, which is: This is because thousands of years after the death of the Prophets to whom they were revealed to, the original texts were compiled by their followers.

The Quran gives a detailed description of Paradise and a vivid description of Hell. The Surah also asserts that Allah has no equal. Allah is Eternal and Absolute.

I also believed in the prophets of Allah.

The Surah reveals that Allah is the One and only God. Except in this case, the reward or the punishment will be eternal, since life after death is forever. View All Home Decor.

Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. It brings upon one the wrath of Allah the All-Mighty and makes one's wealth devoid of barakah and blessings.

Web Design by Orcus. The chapters which were revealed to the Prophet pbuh whilst he was at Makkah are known as Makki Makkan.

Amantu Billahi wa Rasulihi

Allah knows the past, present and the future of every creature. The last sentence is called the word of Shahadah, that is, the sentence of witnessing. In order to achieve Jihad within ourselves, we must perform basic Amxntu duties. When ever a person prays to Allah, thinks or talks about Allah, the angels gather round and join in.

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