As you adjust one tooth all other teeth in the same arch will automatically adjust in response. She has had braces for a year phase 1 and is about to get them off soon. IPR and space management.

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ClinCheck Pro with 3D Controls allows you to identify all inter-arch occlusal contacts, and resolve heavy occlusal contacts directly on the 3D model.

Add conventional attachments and Precision Cuts by simply dragging and dropping to the tooth of choice. Moreover, Windows XP is not supported anymore by Clinchfck, potentially exposing your computer to security risks and performance issues overall. Precise design of final tooth position in your ClinCheck treatment plan is essential to help you deliver the treatment results you expect.

I highly recommend them.

The staff is so friendly and helpful. Fill out the simple form below to get started! What Our Patients Are Saying.

What is ClinCheck with Invisalign?

They take great care of my son and have great compassion for what they do! She has had braces for a year phase 1 and is about to get them off soon. The staff is friendly and knowledge. Posterior arch expansion and contraction. IPR and space management.

That is why our staff strives to make an impact when you first set foot in our office. Please contact us today by calling regarding further information about ClinCheck. Latest News Current Contests. InAlign Technology created the innovative product and since then teams of engineers and scientists have been continuously devoted to enhancing your path to a beautiful smile you have wished for.

A big plus is that my daughter feels comfortable here.

ClinChek® Controls

ClinCheck Pro with 3D Controls and experience more precise control to help you achieve your treatment goals. Originally, Invisalign was meant to treat mild cases of crookedness or teeth spacing issues, but now Invisalign is capable of correcting much more difficult cases with cincheck advancement of technology.

You can lock and keep a particular tooth at a desired position, and designate a tooth as unmovable for the duration of a treatment e. If you choose not to activate the 3D Controls you can still provide text comments to your technicians.

The improved grid provides more precise control to measure what you need on the 3D model. The way the Invisalign treatment works is by wearing a series of aligners that fit tightly over the teeth for an estimated two clincjeck at a time.

This 3D tool allows you to clinncheck a tooth more precisely: Adjust the placement and rotate conventional attachments, and change the size, prominence and degree of bevelling of rectangular attachments.

To help Providers make the most of ClinCheck Pro software, we have created a series of video tutorials that offer a comprehensive guide to its new features and clinical applications. Select the Keep Current option: We gladly offer an array of Invisalign treatments including Invisalign for adults and Invisalign Teen clear aligners.

IPR and space automatically adjusts as you make adjustments on the 3D model.

At every two-week mark, a new aligner will be placed eventually resulting in the desired smile that was intended. We recommend upgrading your computer to match at least the minimum requirements stated for ClinCheck Pro, and ideally to match the optimal requirements.

What is clincheck? | Adams Dental Blog

You can now position the 3D model on the grid to measure linear tooth movements. In dual view, modifications made using 3D Controls may be compared side-by-side with the original set clinchwck from Align Technology or initial malocclusion. Appointments are booked easily and service is fast. The new Bolton Analysis tool provides reference information pertaining to tooth size discrepancy that is useful for planning how to address tooth interdigitation and arch coordination.

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