Dota new map 6.78

All those skadi items are buff placers on ranged but orb on meele. And also you want a damn hero from stupid lol game to be included in dota? Evasion while invisible and opponent has true sight?

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Thank you for reading eota. Make it damage towers like before, but only doing minor damage. Kunkka - opponents hit by the incoming ship should take damage but only those that are inside the ship crash AOE shall be stunned. Pls make the ss of Traxex active.

I personally like a lot of them: Undying is more useful in clash! I'm really sick of people picking carries and no supports. Nerf Phoenix's atk speed slow, and i think it will be ready for CM.

Dota Ai 6.78c Download

I want a new hero the earth type of SS of pandaren. Yeah, medusa is needing some buff. I think shes balanced so as drow coz they dont have vota skills.

This is really obvious in DotA one and especially DotA 2. IceFrog Can u just vota back our 6. A earlier game item g that someone interacts with one of your kills without making it too complicated.

It throws of granita or of stone: At least add 3 or more new heroes soz items. Up to IceFrog it'd be cool if you add some dta heroes as well as new items. Pick invoker against draw ranger, and make power treads, refreasher orb, blade mail, blue dragon, orchid and buterfly or sang an yasha. Get Updates via Email!

Dota 6.78c Download

Or giving a skill like disrupters nuke 4 instances of dmg instead of 3. Include doom bringer, barathrum, lycan, traxex, treant, tuskar, phoenix, legion commander, axe in the list of auto bans. Please rework trueshot aura or marksmanship. Perhaps bite of skadi with increased poison damage that stacks pretty sick? Also, please balance the non-captains mode heroes nrw they can join the capitains mode.

Dota c Map Download (Get Dota Map)

Bob Reduce Skeleton's KIng ulty cd? Add him to CM.

Her ulti is bad, make it instantly kill things like infernals, so it can at least be a nice counterpick. MOve speed increase while invisible?

DotA c AI ve Map Download (Released) | Dota-Utilities

Not the 67.8 damage ability like Traxexs' marksmenship. And the ultiimate not Or decrease cd of mirana jump and buff ms aura that it gives to allied heroes. If you can;t kill yourself let someone else do it for ya. Introduce more scepter upgrades and active skills to make the game more fastpaced and skill based because we cant play clan games all the timeand pub stopms with hardcarries with passive bla bla skills which gets incredibly boring. Are you daamn stupid? bew

And also you want a damn hero from stupid lol game to be included in dota? And give orb of venom another use,: And use deafining blast and chaos meteor combination, use refreasher orb and use meteor and blast twice.

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