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The small round button allows you to 03 hide and show the eBeam Tool Palette. To change the color of your pen, highlighter or shapes tool, go to the outer circle of the Tool Palette and click to choose the color you want. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

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Use sottware arrow drop-down menu to access previous search terms or to clear your search history. Shapes Tool allows you to draw rectangles, circles, lines and arrows on a Scrapbook page or over the top of any open application.

The Scrapbook Toolbar provides quick access to many of the software features that make presentations engaging, such as the eBeam Gallery, dynamic text input and editing, Zoom, Spotlight, Coversheet and the Camera Viewer. If your softwate has not been calibrated before, a calibration window will automatically open.

The tip of the stylus works just like a standard mouse and allows you to 01 click and drag. You can capture the entire screen or click and drag an area to capture a selection of the screen. Creating Content for your Scrapbook Pages.

Download eBeam Scrapbook Beta

Lesson Creation and Delivery Center With tools to incorporate multimedia, edit digital content, record lessons and share instruction; eBeam Scrapbook is your space to create and deliver interactive lessons. The larger button provides 02 right-click mouse actions.

To import, go to the Ebea File Menu, and select Import. To enable the on-screen keyboard, go to System Preferences and click Keyboard. The Master Page works the same as eBeam software version 2.

Linux In the Linux System menu in the upper right.

You can even record lessons for a Flipped Classroom model all within the same software. Navigation and the Thumbnail Pane The thumbnail panel displays all pages—in order—in your Scrapbook file. The participant list sill show you who is currently connected.

eBeam Education Suite Support

Additionally, to import Microsoft Word and Excel files or to view metafile objects in Scrapbook files, you need to have Java Runtime Environment installed. With Individual Assignment, clients can write on their screen individually without needing specific authorization. For Mac OS users, the on-screen keyboard does not work by default. Camera Viewer accesses any built-in or connected webcam and allows you to scrapboook a snapshot and add it to Scrapbook as a screen object or as a background.

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Ebeeam is comprised of content-specific sub-folders, and includes both images and Flash files. Background Settings for Multiple Pages For every Scrapbook file you open, you can choose a background for a single Page, apply new background settings to all of your Pages, and create default settings for all new Pages.

These shortcuts are a convenient and fast way to access images you want to use in Scrapbook. Managing Pages Add a page to your Scrapbook file. Supported file formats include.

With tools to incorporate multimedia, edit digital content, record lessons dcrapbook share instruction; eBeam Scrapbook is your space to create and deliver interactive lessons. The eBeam Annotation Tool Palette lets you write, draw, add shapes and erase over the top of any application or file on your computer. If you have any questions please contact support.

Welcome & Introduction

When the Pen Tool is in use, the button stays highlighted, and the center of the Annotation Tool Palette displays the current color and line width settings. After clicking Camera Viewer, beeam can use the snapshot as a background it will fill the entire page. The eBeam Tool Palette floats over the top of open applications and is used to navigate and annotate. We recommend calibrating your display surface at the beginning of each interactive session. sfrapbook

Create an account today. After you click the Cover Sofftware button, the current Scrapbook page is fully hidden thumbnails are not affected. Use the Group Chat at the bottom of the meeting panel to chat with the connected users. Press the Meeting button in the toolbar to open the Meeting Panel on the right side of the Scrapbook window.

Reorder pages sovtware dragging a page to a new location in the Thumbnail Pane.

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