Looking for old EPE Magazine project source codes? A Troubleshooting Guide is also given. The Neutral limiting resistor is now the load for the 'red' phase and a fault current will flow down to earth and through the resistor, which limits the current.

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I examined every aspect of the entire power station and I can now admit that I did panic a bit lots when confronted with a vertical ladder to an overhead gantry one of those open-mesh steel platforms - I'm afraid of heights! On to page 2 TOP.

The power station subsequently changed hands and at the time of writing Feb. This prevents the user from being able to touch a "live" metal cabinet and acquire a mains potential, because otherwise he or she could be fatally injured by the fault current flowing from the live metalwork and through the human body en route epemah earth. Now available as a full colour paperback direct from our Online Shop.

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Current then flows through the steel body and through an earth strap straight back dpemag the car battery, thus forming a circuit. Using Graphical LCDs reprint of our popular article. Electrical insulation itself can act as a capacitor dielectric. Components are labelled with unique serial numbers, e. Download these articles for free: The inter-connections of sub-systems or even entire circuit boards can also be depicted using black boxes linked with wires and buses.

Here are two points to remember: The same technique can be used in diagrams for dealing with complex sub-systems or even connecting different circuit boards together. Sometimes you might find that the thickness of the lines in a circuit diagram varies.

In epemagg several days on-site at Killingholme "A", I saw countless examples of all kinds of earth straps, bus-bars and earth leads which ensure that high tension fault currents find their way directly to earth. This aspect is explained below.

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In the case of a major generator fault, the neutral resistor is capable of withstanding many tens of amperes for five seconds, at a potential of some 10kV or more. This is needed as the previous ACS current sensor, shown on the original circuit diagram, had insufficient reinforced voltage rating for double-insulated use.

This "ring of steel" ties all of the open metalwork together to form an escape route for fault currents to flow. Keep watching for more exciting news! Ground symbol s are used fpemag keep circuit diagrams clear and simple: Lines that cross each other but do not have a blob, are not connected to each other.

Here at EPE we're very proud of our heritage, having built the 's hobby electronics market in Britain from scratch.

Recall how a 9. It clearly makes sense to make it easy for fault currents to flow through a massive conductor - the ground - and trip a circuit breaker in the process to disconnect the supply.

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In electronics, a negative rail is indeed less than 0V! All components have a unique ID, such as R1, R2, etc. Our first website was welcomed by readers, especially those from overseas who could now connect with us in real time for the first time.

It becomes messy if not impossible to have a circuit diagram showing thousands of wires joining various parts together.

You don't need a Kindle to read it as free readers for most platforms are also available. They can contain millions of transistors which are obviously impossible to represent in a circuit schematic unless you want a sheet of paper larger than several soccer pitches.

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One exception is the world-famous map of the London Undergrounda design masterpiece that shows which tube stations are on which line. Here at EPE we're very proud of our heritage, having built the post-war hobby electronics market in Britain from scratch. I described the entire UK power generation and distribution system starting with gas that fuels our adopted power station, all the way through to the sub-stations and transformers that ultimately deliver V safely to our homes.

EPE's Alan Winstanley wrote this two-part special article describing the origins of Practical Electronics magazine in the UK, followed by the arrival of its litte sister Everyday Electronics.

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