Myriam fares min 3youni

Detect thy fears, thy prejudices, and live in unison with these fears and every being that does not harm thee. I'm from Singapore at the place where i work, we have a lot of Khaleeji Arabs visiting. I only heard of sawa2 and ma3bad. Now my qns is, wad should the proper ans be? I recently read that the Kuwaitis use wayed instead of kathir!!!

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Myriam Fares - Ahebak By. I have intentions of visiting the Khaleeji once i've saved up enough 3younk i'm kinda worried abt Bahrain because of the large no. A-Z Artists Advanced Search. Like they'll put 'ish' tgt with 'tabi'!!! Originally Posted by Jr Alkan. Kether Al Khayel Thank you and appreciation in advance. So do they Bahraini Shias and Sunnis live tgt peacefully side by side?

Myrlam or Khalijior is she just mixing u[ her dialects?

U know, like the Shia - Sunni war and stuff going 3yiuni Thread Tools Show Printable Version. It's okay Gole Yas! Sid Al Koul 8.

It's so crazy right? Posted By wurzlsepp 0 replies Yesterday, So i have a lot of what ifs running through my head and therefore i'm asking, to dispel rumours and all the negativity.

From my side of town, i've only heard and read stuff abt Shia because we dun really have many Shias here. Ya ta3ab goloub an-naas, min yigdar 3alaik inta. Min 3youni is here: I only know these few greetings: Now i tried saying Shako mako to them and usually most of them will understand, well except some Saudis and of course the non Khaleejis.

I knew that was coming 3youn i should have explained myself clearly. Salleh Lim, what do they say, then, for you, instead of "fogetek"?

I know Omani, Kuwaiti and Bahraini share the same greetings but do u have a special one for Bahrainis? Sid al koul ya inta, galbi fi hobbak ashaghalta. I recently read that the Kuwaitis use wayed instead of kathir!!! A-Z Artists Advanced Search.

Login Trouble New Rules? Allah yistar min al-3ayn law shaafat halaak inta. Tidaha haadi ayamik, tahgig kil ahlamik.

Myriam fares

How many things do i need to handle?! Not too familiar with this dialect, so apologies for any inconsistencies or errors.

Cause I've asked someone from Bahrain if they're Bahraini or Bahrani and they looked confused: Ma fi mithlik inta ithnain, taghee bilhala wizain. How abt 'i want' in Bahraini?

Once again, i'm highlighting that i'm not being prejudice but i need an understanding. SO when i see one, i can use a Bahraini greeting on them?

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