Shoorpanakha on the other hand is always restless and gleeful. This is the story of the one who lost! I just love the blood and gore, the fire

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Ravanayan - Wikipedia

This is a very bold attempt and a very different attempt compared to many graphic novels on our mythology but there is ravnayan problem - if the author believes Ravana had his own reasons for being himself - he should go ahead with that conviction full steam ahead. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Never have we imagined on the shoes of Ravana, what his thinking was, and what he may have to go through about the consequences upon deciding to face Rama as his enemy.

However the pages for ravanayan were less and unexpected part of Agori preview was unnecessary He has a vast range of experience in diverse sectors, and has worked with Raj Comics and Level 10 Comics.

Ravana's inner demons turn against him, and the destined end which dethrones him from his seat draws near. We received this comics from Comicclan for review purposes. Most prominently, Ravana, as is the case with popular depictions, has not been shown with ten ravanayxn, but instead, the ten qualities that each of the heads stood for have been incorporated in his personality. You think I dont know how to evaluate a comic?

Interesting concept for sure. Creators Vijayendra Mohanty and Vivek Goel explore the values inherent in ravanayam Ramayana and retell the immortal story as something more than a simple tale of good triumphing over evil. What follows is the biggest spoiler in this comics.

Other books in the series. Bhaskar rated it it was amazing Dec 24, Ultimately, he accepts his fate of becoming Ravana with open arms. See all 3 reviews. Well, i just want to share with all u guys, the day i got the packet, my eyes got stunned and heartbeats got increased all like.

Yes from the very first page.

Obviously shocked with this proposal, Brahma continues to reiterate that to keep balance, this is the only thing he can do, otherwise, the world will not know about the story of Ramayana. Well, this book covered a little of that.

Kiran MVV 8 Sep, With this thought in mind, Dashanan wanted to go to the next level so that he can take a bigger step towards his destiny.

I believe that this could have been turned into a winning formula and an instant hit, if the narrative was slower and more ravnayan was given to build the characters and flesh out the storyline.

The story begins with the burning of Lanka, the kingdom of Ravan, which is seen as the beginning of the great war between Lord Ram and Ravan.

Kajol rated it liked it Feb 14, Also the size of the book was a concern. I can only wish that there were more authors who took the plunge into the rich waters of India's mythology and come up with surprisingly fat catches! To insult him, by saying he was going in accordance with fate, is an insult to Ramayana and an insult to the very Genius, Champion, Arrogant, Wise, Intelligent and Cunning PErsonality, that Ravana was So both had a divided mind, but Rama's was definitely more mature.

Ravana faces certain invasion by Rama and his army of Vanaras who will not stop until they have Sita and burn down the city.

So lack of insecurity too is representative of Rama.

Ravanayan Volume 1 (Issue 1, 2 & 3) Review

Read works of Devdutt Pattanaik in order to get a better idea about Hindu Mythology and culture. Have doubts regarding this product?

Vibheeshana is the kind one while Kumbhakarna is slow on the top and lazy. This book is different from The Ramayana as the protagonist here is Ravana instead of Rama. The Tome of the Wasteland.

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