I have found the software to be easy to use after a very short time with it, and while there are a few enhancements I woulds like to see the current version is very stable and has not crashed or given me any problems. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Problem According to their director of continuous improvement:

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It is also effective in its ability to display your understanding of the problem to others. Blog Home Return to armsreliability. It has been particularly useful for getting everyone "on the same page," that is, agreeing on the facts and causal relationships in an incident.

View full list of Quality Management Software. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: We have been able to understand and solve many problems related to large ship diesel engines using this tool.


Also easy to get started with the software. Desarrollo de Programas RCA: Online training for beginners is exceptional, with lots of help along the way, which is more affordable, flexible and useful over the long term than one-time classroom training.

Most people respond well to visual stimuli and your ability to present the information in this way is a great opportunity to get buy-in into your problem.

The software provides good flexibility for the analyst.

The motor failure chart was created by a person who is not an engineer and has no background in maintenance. A visual tool that helps people determine cause and effect relationships and apply effective solutions to prevent problem recurrence.

Root Cause Analysis Software | RealityCharting RCA ReportingARMS Reliability Blog

An excellent support tool for Apollo Root Cause Analysis: Easy to use tool with extraordinary results! Successful organizations understand that diversity is key to effective solutions and can dealitycharting easily accommodated. If you are looking for a robust system methodology for problem solving this software provides the structure necessary analyze event based problems in a novel way that yields real win solutions to prevent recurrence of the problem.

The online videos and RealityCharting Realitychagting Center functionality is a definite plus for new users to gain skills quickly to reduce learning curve duration. Most organizations focus on one or two levels upstream.

RealityCharting® | Apollo Root Cause

Management did not believe their final report; I was invited to facility to interview the team and review their findings. It doesn't integrate a time line directly into the software that can be used to get a jump start on the diagram, while not anything that would keep me from using it it would be nice to have.

No dislikes; software was easy to use. Makes it easy to bring in another analyst either to help or take over as required in the case of an emergency. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Involves the affected and involved personnel, and historically they understand and appreciate the analyses.

RealityCharting helps me manage my complex problems in a very visual way. Using RealityCharting for root cause analysis of close-calls and incidents in a laboratory environment.

Effective Solutions to Everyday Problems Every Time™

As such I can not say that I have any cons regarding the software. Using the Apollo Root Cause Methodology that is the backbone of the realitychartnig an organization will be able to prevent issues from reoccurring.

This can be helpful if your building a chart in front of a group. That greatly speeds final approval by management and oversight.

A short interval of time passes, and the same problem returns with a vengeance.

Some tools don't readily lend themselves to solving certain types of issues, e. When I'm mapping out the many contributors to a horizontal stabilizer or pressure dome issue and have my team investigating everything from detail supplier, tier-one assembly supplier, transportation, and my own installation processes - it's easy to lose track of where you are and how these seemingly unrelated efforts all tie in realithcharting helping me eliminate my problem.

realotycharting This saves me from having to generate another report. When performing failure analysis problem solving, I interviewed operators who found the failure, maintenance mechanics who fixed the failure and experts such as equipment manufacturer engineers who understand how the failed equipment is intended to run.

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