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If it was, how was it resolved? The missing of the Windows Easy Transfer tool in Windows 10 makes third-party PC transfer software essential for users who purchased new computers, at the same time, wishing to keep everything on the old machine. When you buy a new computer, your digital life is not beginning from scratch. Thank you for an incredible program! Zinstall WinWin does a great job in migration between computers.

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I have been able to complete the transfer from old to new PC.

I've found an old thread here, but it's fromso instead of necro'ing it, decided to open a fresh one. All of the programs and files that were originally on the zintall computer are still intact and live alongside the data from your old PC.

Printer definitions also did not transfer, and I've installed them manually.

Flaming or offending other users Illegal activities: It's so exciting to see the new computer restart and then magically power up with your old familiar desktop and everything from the old computer in place! You don't have to configure anything or answer complicated technical questions.

Zinstall WinWin — Zinstall - Transfer programs and files to new PC, to Windows 10, 8, 7

Used it, was ok, transferred programs. I had zibstall developer friend over here today, and he was quite amazed to see me click "Old desktop" and then be able to run all my apps, copy files back and forth, etc. Not a software problem, I guess it was just too long in the tooth. Zinstall WinWin is a PC migration software, which allows to transfer applications, settings and files from one computer to another.

Zinstall Easy Transfer Alternative

Zinstall WinWin software migration setup. Had OfficeQuickbooks, Lightroom. Though it too about 30 hours zinstwll complete the migration I was flabbergasted to find my new computer precisely as the old one. This has saved me a lot of time and a lot of sweat.

Compared to Easy Transfer, I guess the major thing is being able to transfer programs and registry etc. Retrieved from " https: It was fast, took about 4 hours to transfer, about GB on old hard disk. And if you have any trouble or need assistance - our support team can resolve zinsttall the most problematic cases.

John Cotter Ireland What a great product Zinstall is. The vendor suggested to use Zinstall to transfer applications, settings, files from the old Windows 7 PC to the new PC. Once you identify whether this is the source the old computer or the target the new one you simply repeat the process for the second computer.

When you buy a new computer, your digital life is not beginning from scratch. Will update here how it goes. What was holding me back from getting a new computer: Even the desktop has transferred. Frankly, I doubted this was possible.

Zinstall WinWin Migration Software Review: The Simple Switch

We are committed to making sure your migration happens - just like with our customers from countries all over the world, who already enjoy their new computers. That issue you mention, was that related to the transfer? Retrieved July 6, Zinstall WinWin even notifies users that they should use an Wibwin cable to expedite the process. I've started the transfer on Saturday night, and just left it alone till morning, so Winwiin don't know exactly how long it took.

Best regards, Stuart Brownlee. Vlad Belina Slovenia After restarting my Win7 laptop That may seem like a no-brainer to most of you, but opting for a faster wired connection may not be so obvious for less tech-savvy users. My transfer was difficult at first due to a hardware problem on the old computer.

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