Akunin villain

The Kirishima Thing In the next scene the police are uncovering her body and this is where the story starts for real. Lee Sang-il, Japan , mins, subtitled, cert 15 Cast: Undernourished in his family life, lost in the world. Since Yoshino had openly bragged to her friends beforehand that she was to meet the rich playboy Masuo that evening and not her shameful working-class sex partner Yuichi , Masuo becomes the prime suspect in the murder.

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She is evidently lonely; at work in a suit store she mistakenly assumes a romantic edge to an interaction with a customer.


A young working-class loner, Shimizu, who lives with his grandmother, is accused of the murder of a girl he has met online. If only they had stuck with the love story at the movie's centre and the storyline involving the family of the dead vlllain, keeping the scenes akunon her father and the immoral young man that his daughter was smitten with, this would undoubtedly be one of the best films of the year.

Hanae Kan as Sari. The Kids Are Alright.

His relationship with Mitsuyo, the excellent Eri Fukatsu, seems to offer redemption. The themes of the film — class, status, the disintegration of family ties, the loneliness of modern life — are universal, and not particular to Japan. Shimizu Rest of cast listed alphabetically: He is arrested and charged, and goes through endless vlilain sessions, all the while insisting that he is innocent. Very long, but doesn't drag.

Villain (Akunin, Japan ) | The Case for Global Film

Looking for companionship, Mitsuyo decided to re-contact Yuichi several months after their initial correspondence. This also is incredibly successful in the way in which it shows the grief of her parents — how they must come to terms with who their daughter really was, how they fight and turn on each other, and finally come to sad realisations, not only about themselves and their child, but about the people around her and them, and the corrosive cynicism and immorality of a new generation.

Archived from the original on By this time, however, Masuo has been cleared of the murder, and evidence has surfaced of Yuichi's involvement—Yuichi is now the wanted criminal: Yet Shimizu is akunij a temporary oasis from the implacable march of fate in the form of Mitsuyo, a young naive woman who, unaware of his notoriety, falls in love with him.

Great performance from Mrs Fukatsu, fantastic direction, but the movie seems to exist mostly for the violain sequence. He agrees to take her for a drive and presumably something morebut is increasingly disgusted by her, insults her, and ends up violently throwing her out of his car on an isolated mountain road, leaving her stranded in the middle of the night.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Scientology and the Aftermath. Offers a bleak and rounded, if ultimately conservative, take on a criminal act and its impact on those involved. As Yoshino's father who is perhaps the moral voice of the film says:. You would never go so far as to say he is aknin, but his vulnerability is disarming.

Villain (Akunin)

Kimiko Yo as Yuichi's Mother. Since Yoshino had openly villzin to her friends beforehand that she was to meet the rich playboy Masuo that evening and not her shameful working-class sex partner YuichiMasuo becomes the prime suspect in the murder. I've enjoyed Satoshi Tsumabuki in other roles but never felt he had the chops or experience to pull off the amount of navel-gazing inner distress dished out in this film.

In this impossible and doomed situation, a passionate love springs up between Yuichi and Mitsuyo: Undernourished in his family life, lost in the world. Writer and director take us on a self-indulgently drawn-out journey through the eyes of a dead fish down numerous dramatic dead ends I think that this too might put off younger viewers in particular. Kirin Kiki as Yuichi's Grandmother.

Hisashi Igawa as Yuichi's Grandfather. Nicki Marie Super Reviewer. Yuichi and Mitsuyo had exchanged emails once before, after meeting through the same online dating site.

Yuichi and Mitsuyo, akunkn contrast, are quite complex characters and their relationship in the second half of the film is perhaps the best element in the film. In fact, I didn't think any of the actors, except for Eri Fukatsu, had the ability to pull off all the face-acting in the film.

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