Emerica made chapter 1

Some fresh SPoT swag went out, too. This dude got the bottom of the barrel with the extra small. Download it from iTunes.

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Jeff holding down SPoT Ybor. Some fresh SPoT swag went out, too. The crowed started rolling in. Everything is done at speed and everything has that element of mortal danger if you were cbapter out or try and half-arse it. This dude got the bottom of the barrel with the extra small.

Emerica - Made: Chapter One skate video soundtrack - Video by Jon Miner | Skatevideosite

Pause for a smoke break. Plus the 20 minute mark sits just right for an audience suffering from internet induced attention deficit disorder. Knuckles making himself right at home in the SPoT Ybor shop.

Thanks to Emerica for this signed poster featuring all three dudes from the video. It was a rainy day here in Tampa, but that didn't stop the emerlca. It only exists because Collin Provost and Brandon Westgate carried on clocking amazing footage after the release of Stay Goldand team filmer Jon Miner felt the world needed to witness the fitness so to speak.

Study hall filled up nicely. Stephen Buggica can take his eyes off the screen for just a moment for BGP's though. Right after our minds were blown, cjapter raffled off some Emericz gear to the crowed.

See you at the next one. As a result this review seems a bit redundant to try and talk about something exclusive which has been watched and re-watched over million times already behind numerous computer screens.

Kids getting psyched on some older Emerica videos before the premiere. Download it from iTunes. A gentle collision interview. Emerica recognizes the dark side of the virtual moon and co-released Made Chapter 1 in association with Emeria Magazine dot com.

Just some of the Emerica goodies we were giving away. Not everyone was stoked on the video. Robbie Kirkland can't believe his eyes.

Your girl will be psyched though. Tampa FL Thank you everyone for joining us on yet another successful video premier.

The Boardr - Emerica Made Chapter One

Jitt Squad was in full effect. The idea of releasing an EP instead of an album with regards to the number of riders on show is a valid response to the economic turmoil the internet has caused for eemerica videographers and companies seeking to promote their brands.

Win free stuff and be in the know first about sales, discounts, upcoming contests, and SPoT news. Small Wheels welcome Aaron Herrington.

Emerica Made Chapter One

Unfortunately the introductory text also explains that coming chpater an actual hardcopy DVD with booklet! Quality over quantity is the best way to describe Made Chapter 1 and it bodes very well for the future episodes. However, this video is good — Very good in fact.

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