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Study any time, anywhere Fitting in time to revise for the MRCS Part A exam while training to be a surgeon can be quite the challenge, however the free Pastest app will help you to prep wherever and whenever you can. Please note, since September Extended Matching Questions EMQs have been removed from the exam, and as such we have removed these from the Pastest resource. Showing 5 per page Showing 10 per page Showing 25 per page Show all.

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If you get a question wrong, make notes on the relevant paragraph or chapter in Raftery. The topic you will probably know least about will be paediatric surgery and the relevant embryology; make sure you spend a bit of time learning this properly early on so that you can revise it later.

Managed to pass in 1 go. This is all terrifying stuff, even for the most stoic budding surgeon, so in this article I am going to take you through my step-by-step guide to nailing the MRCS Part Astarting with a few soothing truths: The second aspect is to test yourself.

MRCS Part A Past Paper Live

This new edition expands on the award-winning third edition with a modified structure, new and updated chapters, new figures and scenarios and further help with difficult topics. There are so many topics to cover, and so little time to deliver your knowledge, that the only way to ensure you revise enough is by starting as early as possible.

No comments have yet been posted. Looking at the breakdown of marks allows you to focus your time most efficiently. Add to Basket Find Out More. Article 1 of Do not revise in the morning. As it can parh tough to find the time and resources mrccs prepare for such a 'hands-on' passtest, our resources are designed to enable you to study when it's convenient for you.

Focus your revision on the curriculum and avoid wasting time!

MRCS Part A Revision - How I Scored 89%

Do you prefer books or a computer screen? I subscribed to Pastest for both parts and the contents are just perfect for the tests. The first step to successfully passing is to know what you need to know. Article 25 of Revise on ANY device with our mobile friendly station browser.

Pastest allows you to do exactly that, under exam conditions if you choose. Essential Revision Notes Book 2.

However, there should be a decent overlap with surgical finals, so all that time in the final year you spent learning about the anus is not wasted. Take a look at our White Paper report. Use the revision tools for each station to view videos about the topic including our Anatomy series featuring the legendary Prof Harold Ellisand see extra resources on the TeachMeAnatomy website.

Your scores for these pastext then added numerically and a total out of is calculated. First published inthe 13th edition of this classic pastesf provides essential anatomical information to students of all levels.

Remember, the more you prepare the more likely you are to pass!

Passing MRCS Part A

This expertise, developed through detailed analysis of each exam sitting and listening to our loyal customers, means we are able to produce the most accurate MRCS Part A revision resource available.

The filters and search functions enable you to ppastest navigate to a chosen topic or specialty and start revising. Very good questions, good explanations.

I spent about 3 months revising during a relaxed psychiatry rotation, took a week of leave beforehand to focus and cram, using almost exclusively those four resources. Your performance dashboard provides more detailed data that will enable you to see your performance across the full range of exam specialties.

First thing before you start… Book the exam! Part A is a very doable exam if you put the effort in, so good luck! Please select your country: This early on in my revision, I aimed to get through about 50 untimed, random questions per day as I was focusing mostly on absorbing information.

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