Pibare ramarasam

Thank you for your comment. Wonder why that came to be about. Coming back to Pibare Ramarasam , I kept getting distracted by the mispronunciations of Sanskrit by almost all the vocalists.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: June 8, at 2: Reminds me, I must re-listen, its been a while… Cheers.

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Ramagasam i was at the hall from Ahir Bhairav is hauntingly beautiful, and a deeply meditative raga; I have listened to many hours of this raga with great pleasure. I plan to educate myself slowly and when I reach a certain level of understanding, I will keep your suggestions in mind. I have listened to and enjoyed Pibare Ramarasam for many years after all. Thank you very much, Suja. To read my rants, click here ; I need an audience for my rants and raves too!! Only undying love for music can drive a person to spend the many hours that you doubtless do, unearthing information.

Pibare Rama Rasam

Are there Gamaka and prayoga differences between Ahir Bhairav and Chakravakam? All that said, I have enjoyed your piece… good writing.

Suja, Thanks for posting my ramzrasam raaga.

Can you juxtapose Carnatic and Hindustani style of ragas which are common to both and explain the small differences that may pbiare in them? If available, I provide links to music already available online.

Pibare Ramarasam - P. Unnikrishnan | Shazam

I am sure BSaranga or madhyamavati will convey an overwhelming bhakti rasa and will make it a nice concluding piece for concerts!

Wonder why that came to be about. pibxre

Ahir Bhairav and the flute seem to have been made for each other! How would you convey to your fans of film music to warm up to other musical experiences? It ramarsam a lot of ramarassm and experimentation about taking this large concept and chiselling a musical production out of it. As this hobby horse of mine threatened to take over this post, I have put my rants in a separate page, the better to refer to it in future posts when my annoyance at mispronunciations takes over everything else!

June 8, at 7: Srinivasa Ramanujam ChennaiMarch 06, For donor passes, call or Forgot to add, I have all Unni Krishnan CDs on me and have never missed his live performance over the years. Thanks a lot for your deep and intense meaning of this Sanskrit verse. October 30, at 9: The nuances with the Hindustani raga and the parallels in film music makes this post one of your best.

July 1, at Though this is popularly told about Einstein, the story is false, just one of these endearing fairly tales. How was that experience?

September 18, at 3: Pibare Rama Rasam will be held on March 10 6.

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