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Dima,The fuel condition levers in a turboprop don't work the same as the fuel mixture in a piston-engined plane. I've got to get the popups all working, GPWS, etc. VC - RXP at night.

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How do I import the 1900C and 1900D into Flight Simulator X?

It does not take long to get comfortable with the airplane; it responds well to control inputs and handles well in the air. You then select your FS directory and all files, including a page Reference manual are installed on your computer.

There I saw something that already should have been clear to me, that the panel from the Beech is very simular to Super King Air I'm also making similar mods to the BD. Since the engines are operating above idle, there won't seem to be a change. Freeware, limited distribution Added: The FCU controls the fuel-air mixture. We maintaining a b1900 fleet, ranging from business jets like the ERJ for V.

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To be honest I am not completely happy with the result. The VC at night. The first one was for the "D" version of the B I was still looking for a solution for the altitude indicator and vertical speed indicator and suddenly I realized I have far better looking gauges for the PMDG already installed. Please use your real name when posting here. They are in the Aeroworx Super King Air package.

At about knots you gently rotate and pull the airplane into the air and as soon as the VSI shows positive rate of climb, retract the landing gear.

Yes - I have been pretty busy irl. Pmg understand it would be illegal to include the gauges itself into a retrofit package for the RealityXP library.

As I mentioned in my BD review, I mainly fly light aircraft, so I wondered how much trouble I might have adjusting to this commuter airliner with its twin shaft horsepower turboprop engines. Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

Posted June 30, Thanks to Steve Lewis for his help and Ghiom for the flight plans. Or will you release for the C as well?

The only time you really need b900c go to high idle is during a short field landing, otherwise, you can leave them in low idle. If all goes according to plan on your nm trip, you should land with 1, lbs of fuel aboard.

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A look at the downloads section at the PMDG website shows a list of 14 available liveries that can be downloaded at no additional charge. Maximum Fuel with Payload 3, lb Range You've got the idea!

Maximum Fuel with Payload 3, lb. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. With the PT-6, you set the condition levers at takeoff, and usually leave them alone until you're back on the ground.

This aircraft works well as an AI aircraft in Fs Flies well as pmxg FS9 AI aircraft. Hi Gridley, Looks very nice and saves me some time. Hex Airline Beechcraft D. Looking forward to your mods.

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