Werrason techno malewa

He released an album named Power "Kosa Leka" in You just changed my mind on more than a couple things. Marketing Consultant on Licha Ya umeme kusumbua, show…. Ipupa, who is also a noted guitar player, connected with audiences stateside with "Chaise Electrique", a bilingual love song featuring former G-Unit singer Olivia. This weekend focuses on the FA Cup third round and with so many top sides now putting out weakened teams there is value to be had out there for punters who do their research.

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Manchester City won a crucial match against league leaders Liverpool to close the gap to four points and reignite the title race. Thanks for a awesome post. Mawerasonique huwa hatuongei kwa werrasob, nyimbo za Werrason ndo zinaongea, nitajie albam ya bwana mdogo petie frere Mpiana inayoweza kufikia Malewa! This entry was posted on Friday, January 6th, at 8: You've reached the daily limit of 10 videos.

Werrason Techno Malewa

Naomba tuukaribishe mwaka kwa kumtendea haki King of the Jungle Werasson Ngiama Makanda jaribu kuangalia quality ya hii Video kisha unipe mchango wako. A la queue leu-leu. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www. Bingwa wa muziki wa Africa, Muulize Duly sykes kwa nini haigi wanamuziki wengine wa Congo?

Every body was a big success internationally. Watch artist interviews here.

aerrason Fally Ipupa N'simba, known by his stage name Fally Ipupa, is a Congolese singer-songwriter, dancer, philanthropist, guitarist and producer.

Notify me of new comments via email. He has been credited for the introduction of African music to international audience because of his use of western instruments like music programming or synthesizer and his ties to Rhythm and Blues. Papa Wemba JB Mpiana 1.


I can tell this is probably an easy thing for most people. Habari za mwaka mupwa bandugu bapendwa, nimekuwa kimya kidogo kwa sababu ya mapumziko ya mwaka mupya nilikuwa nje ya mji huko kijijini Mlimba. February 10, at 4: Mpiana in the then hugely popular Wenge Musica from Zaire which has since been renamed D. December 20, at 3: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Automatically share your activity on Facebook. Hakuna chochote alichokivumbua kikakosa kuigwa kote barani.

Is and their trchno to the elite Asian fold going to be any different? De laforet, phenomene Igweeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

After years of success with populars songs, in he released Every Body distributed by Sonodisc. Log in to watch more. After achieving success with several popular songs, he became the most popular African singer in the nalewa and created his own band, called "Victoria Eleison", werrasno December 24, Even so, I some times miss needing to know those type of things. He was born in Kikwit within the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Have you tried your idea?

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January 13, at 1: Sans poteau Werrason 1.

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