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View our other publications Privacy policy Terms of use Take down policy. Driving innovation in industrial labeling Avery Dennison. Esko Studio helps AstraZeneca create virtual 3D folded box models, which in the past was done manually on paper mockups.

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EskoArtwork Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves

However, the 3D images generated by Esko Studio are much faster, offer better display quality and are free of agency charges. It operates in over countries and its medicines — focused on therapeutic cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory, inflammation, autoimmune, antibiotics and oncology product lines — are used by millions of patients worldwide. For more information, visit www.

While AstraZeneca dtudio packaging designs within Adobe Illustrator software in general, and Adobe InDesign for leaflets and brochures, its designers felt the need to improve the quality of their art, particularly for folded boxes.

Currently our promotional materials consist of photos of packaging produced by our advertising agencies. What I really enjoyed is the Studio part of it, building the package. Eskoarrtwork to main content. In the process, they were looking for software that would meet their expectations of generating a fast, high-quality 3D PDF file, without adding considerable complexity to the process.

Esko employs about 1, people worldwide.

Bruno Award William D. It was what we were looking for: The Esko product portfolio supports and manages the packaging and print processes for brand owners, retailers, designers, premedia and trade shops, packaging manufacturers, and converters. Less experienced printers can enter the sleeve label market. They wanted to offer virtual mock-ups that could show the entire package in 3D, and that could be shared with the company's internal customers.

Pharmaceutical labeling compliance Avery Dennison. Important elements such as barcodes can be moved away from highly distorted areas.

Designers create grids on the shrink sleeve material, wrap it around the container, run it through a shrink sleeve tunnel, measure the distortion, and try to anamorphically size graphic elements based upon these measurements. The converter creates, scans, or imports CAD file the container shape into the software, enters the shrink film material characteristics, and the software digitally shrinks the sleeve around the container.

Nike uses Esko’s Studio for faster, easier, better packaging design

Esko Studio helps AstraZeneca create virtual 3D folded box models, which in the past was done manually on paper mockups. It is a game-changer in shrink sleeve design," noted one of the judges.

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Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves is unique in the industry. With 3-D visuals, the eskowrtwork will shrink and distort in the same way it would in the shrink tunnel. You can opt out anytime. Global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has invested in Esko Studio to help facilitate the sharing eskoartork packaging designs for review and their quicker approval.

Enfocus, with its suite of automation solutions and PDF quality control tools for printers, publishers, and graphic designers, is an Esko subsidiary. It is no longer necessary to manually create test films.

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EskoArtwork's Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves creates artwork for shrink sleeves labels placed around a package or packages and shrunk around the package during production. It is complex and labor intensive, involving a number of trial-and-error steps to get the design right, resulting in much longer lead times.

The pre-distortion can handle much more complex cases, resulting in more creative designs on more sophisticated containers, offering greater shelf appeal--and stronger sales. Giving designers time to focus on what matters Studio takes care of the technical aspects of packaging, including bar codes, nutrition tables and so on, so that packaging designers can focus on what matters most to them — the creative aspects.

Designing and printing shrink sleeves is difficult. Please review our Privacy Policy. CDI flexo computer-to-plate imagers and exposure units as well as Kongsberg digital cutting systems, complemented with professional services, training and consultancy.

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