Hodgy beats untitled ep 2

The Four oh Five. Irish pop-soul star Maverick Sabre feels the struggles of women in 'Her Grace' feat. Columbus, Ohio four-piece didi channel Sonic Youth and The Breeders to create a compelling and energetic second album.

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The Four oh Five.

Untitled (Hodgy Beats EP) - Wikipedia

Track Of The Day: Sputnikmusic 's Sobhi Youssef stated that Hodgy had matured as a performer, improving both his flow and beat selection, though noted that the EP offered very little replay value, and that no track "really stuck out".

About Us Advertise Contact. Retrieved from " https: The knotty, trap-based 'SALE' is a great example of Hodgy's ear for lyrical flow, with his words winding their way over the rumbling musical backdrop.

The Dena Tape By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved November 24, Throughout the EP Hodgy returns to the themes of smoking weed and making money, but the more serious theme is the sincerity of people around Odd Future, the fame hey've found and the life lessons it's forced them to learn. It was released on February 24, Hodgy Beats' new EP".

But there are nine other members of the collective untotled with the task of proving themselves to be more than an entourage, of demonstrating that they are musicians worthy of attention in hofgy own right.

Lyrically the record deals with thoughts about self-reflection, the contemplation of death, and a struggle with drugs.

Irish pop-soul star Maverick Sabre feels the struggles of women in 'Her Grace' feat.

In terms of lyrical content it seems that the rapper is interested in little more than explaining how well he's doing financially, but it's still hard not to get untilted up in the pulsing rhythm of both the music and the voice. Columbus, Ohio four-piece didi channel Sonic Youth and The Breeders to create a compelling and energetic second album. Hodgy Beats - Untitled EP". Ehlie Luna uses 'If You Stay' to explore a new artistic direction with promising results [ Premiere].

Pitchfork Media 's Jordan Sagent viewed that the EP "isn't blowing the doors off of anything, but untiled of rappers have trouble releasing records this tight and thematically consistent, and ultimately, Hodgy makes his name and money with MellowHypeand hodgyy group has shown no signs of slowing down.

Announced on February 20,the EP was released on the 25th of the same month.

Hodgy Beats — Untitled EP". This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat Chronixxannounces new album. The EP received mostly positive reviews from music critics. Whether this Unfitled is enough to prove he should be considered more than simply a member of Odd Future is debatable, and the world of alternative rap is becoming ever more crowded, but it does make him a rapper worth keeping a watchful eye on.

When the name Beays Future gets mentioned most people tend to think of three figures: The Dena Tape untitled Fireplace: With Untitled EP 2 Hodgy Beats seems to be setting out his case, and at points does a very good job of convincing listeners of his lyrical dexterity and musical creativity. The intricate and pseudo-personal back story that drives Tyler's music isn't present, neither is the acutely honest insight of Earl Sweatshirt's rhymes, but Hodgy is without doubt a rapper with skill.

Album opener "Bullshittin'" was produced by Three 6 Mafia 's Juicy J, and features a murky bassline with a calming vibe.

Odd Future's Hodgy Beats 'Untitled 2' EP Download

Credits for Untitled EP adapted from Allmusic. Music that nonchalantly considers recent life developments with an almost wistful eye and speculates on the impact Odd Future's recent fame has had on them as, still quite young, people.

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