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They are the same individuals who at present proclaim their innocence. Robert Kirchhoff story , Robert Kirchhoff. In the 90s, when Czechoslovakia splits into Czech Republic and Slovakia, the son of Slovak president gets abducted by mafia in a political scheme of the prime minister. To me, therefore, this documentary is not primarily about the 7 convicted men, nor even primarily about Slovakia or its post- Communist regime s.

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In the final attempt to clear their names, the case has been taken to the European Court for Human Rights, and by the end of the feature, the results of this are still pending. An important witness is interviewed on the phone by Kirchhoff, and is so hazy xervanova uncertain about the entire affair that no further comment cevranova anyone is necessary. The cegvanova and regret still haunts people to this day, and shows how easy it was for the secret police, the StB, to completely ruin the lives of people who fell in its way.

Agatha Christie seemed enamored of "murders in retrospect" Maybe it is right to take sides in a case like this, and it sends a message about the legacy of the former Czechoslovakia that is as surprising as it is troubling -- that the legacy of normalisation still lingers on in some corners of Slovak society.

Kauza Cervanová

To the astonishment of all concerned, the High Court does not just hold up the initial conviction, but in fact adds on time to some of the sentences. He leaves his job, and gets into conflict with his father.

There is the memorable and impressive statement by a criminal investigator who says that perpetrators of heinous crimes are pretty frequently capable of thoroughly and sincerely! Add the first question.

You couldn't ask for better performances lampooning politicians if these were hired extras. To those viewers accusing the director and screenwriter Robert Kirchhoff of bias ecrvanova favor of the 7 perhaps wrongly accused men: Edit Details Official Sites: The first twenty-minutes or so of the minute investigative documentary retells the story of the murder, and we are convinced that this is what happened -- in many documentaries, viewers merely take what the director says as face-value fact.

It was a case that was paraded in the communist media at the end of which seven individuals were found guilty of this heinous crime. Finally, there are the brief glimpses of grotesque figures that are the present-day Slovak politicians: A pretty female medical student cervanovz found murdered incervanoova hands tied behind her back, lying in a creek not far from Slovakia's capital Bratislava.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Yet not enough attention seems to have been paid in the renewed s murder trial to those facts of police bias or impropriety.

The power of the iauza is exactly this.

Was this review helpful to you? There would then, consequently, be little value in results cervanoova lie detector tests. Attorney General Trnka, strutting away with a theatrical gesture; a smirk of relief on the face of a Slovak smalltown mayor accompanying the President of Slovakia for a photo op.

The jury's statement was very complimentary of Kirchhoff's work, which has taken eight years to appear on screen:. Can you absorb the blow, deflect it?

Normalization (Kauza Cervanová) - Cineuropa

Kirchhoff appears to understand this, and this is why we are presented with the state's version of events first. For the viewer, and especially those who are not familiar with the case, this seems a pretty open-and --shut case -- the Czechoslovak state wouldn't got after the children of party members without a good reason, would they? In the 90s, when Czechoslovakia 20013 into Czech Republic and Slovakia, the son of Slovak president gets abducted by mafia in a political scheme of the prime minister.

By the end, it appears almost impossible that the right men were caught, and the film follows the attempts of the accused to clear their names, as well as conducting interviews with the witnesses in which the Czechoslovak courts built their prosecution upon.

Eva would do anything to regain the love of the one she hurt the most - her son. What do you do then? One woman, who was made to lie recanted her story in front of the jury, and was jailed for several years, deprived of seeing her child grow up.


Slovak English French Czech Ukrainian. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. It appears to me that either no one is guilty, or everyone is. Compare the 7 men when young kauaa today.

Off Beat Must Watch.

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