Views Read Edit View history. Please upgrade to a newer web browser. Meanwhile, Coal is reporting in on the Decoranian about his failures on getting the Deco Stones before Opal and Io came in and told him about the reports on the mysterious monster attacks as he came up with a plan.

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But during the tour, the group saw the fish oil from all the Saury leaking out like crazy. As everyone is asleep, Jasper left the police station and go the forests, where he saw Midori angry on what happened.

The duo were also amazed on how good Kiichiro behaves that they introduced him to Pink and Ruby and then later on prepared food for Pink's friends.

After liking the offering of both Pink and Ruby, Sapphie herself found out the problem of the stars rejecting the Sweetspets's offerings, a toothache.

But she has expert skills when it comes to decorating things with shiny jewels and decors. After the battle, the Dark General scolded Coal and demoted him for his last failure.

Jewelpet Kira Deco! · AniList

But in the end, both him and the Jewelpet understood each other's feelings as his Jewel of Fate appeared. Being a "Sheep", he must do all the errands in the mansion as Garnet kiradfco. Meanwhile, Pink and Kirafeco were walking in the hallway of the mansion until her Jewel Pod runs out of power. Will Ruby ever gain Pink's trust back, at the cost kirdeco their Deco Stones? When he collapses seemingly from illness, the main characters are prompted to go look for a cure for him. But the two cleverly escaped as she told Garnet about a coin in ground and made it into the shop that sells Jewel Pods.

Each of the members of the Kira Deco 5 said their goodbyes to their Jewelpet partners as they each give each other a farewell gift.

Both the Jewelpets and the KiraDeco 5 again encounter Coal's dark clouds as they all attack the group, protecting another Deco Stone that they obtained.

As it revealed in the last episode that the thing Ruby saw is actually Jewelina frozen in stone. Retrieved March 31, As they did shout out their passionate thoughts, the door to the temple opened and sucked Pink, Ruby and Peridot in, arriving inside the temple. They both escaped the two and successfully arrived at their grandmother's house.

Labra and Angela then came and ask him if he can slice the watermelon until Ruby appeared and told them about the disappearing items. At Coal's place, Coal again, was being scolded by the leader of the Decoranian for his another failure and gave him another chance to eradicate the KiraDeco 5. As Blue showcased his skills, both Pink and the Jewelpets were amazed on how much he improved.

This leaves him in charge on eradicating the group and getting Ruby's Jewel Pod completely as he accepts the mission. The music in the series is composed by Cher Watanabe.

As he cuts it down, he saw a small rabbit Jewelpet inside named Luna, confusing the Panda Jewelpet. Everyone in the dance were enjoying themselves during the dance, especially Ruby and Pink kiradco the Police were keeping an eye on Coal. This sort of stuff is Serious Business in this show.

Jewelpet Kira Deco! - 01 [Hikami] Sub español

As kiraadeco situation gets worse in the town square, the Jewelpets saw the one who's responsible for stealing their items: Sign In Don't have an account? Includes Coal, Dian, Kohaku and Tour. In his stay in Jewel Land, he became Garnet's personal "sheep", also serving as the head butler. As he fire a blast to Pink, Ruby shielded the attack and killed her in the process, reverting her back to her Charm Form.

He loves to rant on and on about justice. At the fireworks display, Pink hosted the climax scene of the festival so Sakuran can offer her sweets to the stars. As the group started to get her kiraddeco regenerating eclair kirsdeco and eats, Mako became curious and gets one and eats is as well.

How will this turn out in the end and resolve the love triangle? So the team and the Jewelpets team up and start their quest. Ruby is left with no choice but to search for DecoSanta at the Decoristmas Mountain in the outskirts of Jewel Land with Pink kiraeeco with her.

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