Start my free trial. Need help with your Arduino project? Drag and drop UI elements onto your interface panel with the designer Give each control a command. It gives you a friendly and powerful connection to all the data from your microcontroller, and also a simple GUI for control via serial.

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Best feature — speed of setup. Apply the design changes to your interface panel. Graph your data Add a single line of code to your sketch and MegunoLink will plot data sent from your Arduino in real-time. Our Arduino library means one line of code and the table comes to life. See what your sensors are measuring Spot trends Compare changes in different sensors Interpret the output from your sketch Plots can be easily copied to the clipboard as pictures.

Download a free trial of MegunoLink and test it out on your project today. I like communicating with arduino easily, without programming.

I have tried dozens of other options and it took me like a year to get to MegunoLink. Also I like the exampels on the web. I no longer need to install hardware switches, it's so easy to just use the interface panel.

Working from an example is much easier than having to start from scratch. Having trouble spotting a variable in a cluttered monitor window?

Arduino Examples | MegunoLink

I just love it! It made it very easy for me to quickly trend and plot my data.

So you could plot battery voltage, temperature and humidity all on one graph using: What is a Visualizer? SendData "Humidity", GetHumidity. Interface panel controls can trigger measurements, start experiments, configure your creation and retrieve information from your program. Configure MegunoLink projects from our set of visualizers to send commands and receive data: Check out our ArduinoTimer for more information.

I like most is mfgunolink of the graph so I can see any spot where I want. Start typing and press Enter to search. What is a Visualizer? And commands can use values from other elements. MegunoLink will plot data from any serial source; not just the Arduino.


SendData "Voltage" I just love it! Easy to use and very convenient for my school projects.

A very good visualizer for the Arduino. I have tried dozens of other options and it took me like a year to get to MegunoLink.

I'm using MegunoLink Pro for my project with Arduino. It's really helpful for evaluating the sensor.

Start typing and press Enter to search. Plots can be easily copied megunolini the clipboard as pictures. Subscribe to our newsletter for tips, project ideas and exclusive content including:

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