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Hiningi nila rights from icefrog. I agree with that hack stuffs. Posted 22 August -

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But there are changes like they removed counter strike 1. Choose Fix Reign of Chaos b.

PLDT Play Battle NET Server Philippines

Steam probably paid Garena to stop the LAN service so that all dota1 players rushes to play dota 2!! Shouldn't I be entitled to a refund? I've forgotten my password. Create account then voila!

It took some time but they finally did it people! Option1 you can reset to default version of your wacraft III just by following this guides. Not everyone had better PC's or better connections. Pldt Play Dota Download. Pldt Home Bro Ultera plan - utabby. Idc about the Dota. According to some reports, Garena is short listing countries for LAN support meaning that only selected countries can access it. On XP Garena has this problem.

What got me interested is btatlenet affordable price it offers to bsttlenet.

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Answers

Posted 22 September - Posted 22 August - Hiningi nila rights from icefrog. Pldt Play Dota Download Battle.

Naks andito din pala si WikiWiki. Choose The Frozen Throne d. I am unable to connect to the Dota 2 network, experiencing network lag in-game, or losing my connection to the Dota 2 servers while playing.

Sign In Need an account? Garena's main forums are also put under maintenance. I will start beta testing tonight.

Why cant i play - Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Answers for PC - GameFAQs

Posted 25 August - So why not try playing other MOBA games right? Ranked Gaming Client - has a hostbot feature and automatic leaver ban, good community GameRanger - client configuration is a bit complicated at first but plays DotA fine ICCup - Similar to RGC, has hostbots, anti-hack support and ladder You know more? Parang Dota daw yun pero 3D. So money shouldn't be a issue to Garena. Don't expect an explenation from them, the big guys of Garena are battleneh, those who can still use it don't worry Gar.

TD, Angel Arena, everything. Anyone heard for Tunngle? Get Updates via Email!

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Its understandable that garena need money to maintain their servers ad staff but don't they get enough money from advertisements. I love war3 dota and dont wanna play dota2.

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