Westfest 2010

Fuck sake im putting myself off already Eight feet tall with a voice to match the Roaming Diva is as charming as she is unexpected. Probably the worst main arena I've ever seen.

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The Kingmakers are a high-octane mix of rockabilly, jump-jive, and roots rock'n'roll. Natalie Fournier Natalie Fournier is an Ottawa-based performance artist who uses her practice to explore the effects of consumerism and media-driven stereotypes in the construction of the female identity.

sestfest Quite like the look of that lineup to be honest. A true roots-rock experience with a hint of pop, his live show demonstrates dynamics that can reduce a room to silence or fill a dance floor by exploding with a driving beat. As Fonze said, bring back Terry Turbo.

Westfest 2010 Line Up...

Devotees of classic sounds and song craft, yet creatively restless and experimental at heart, they have produced a varied repertoire of anthemic power-pop, shoe-gazey ambience 2001 melancholic folk-rock balladry. Bill and his husband, John, live in Ottawa. The Balconies wextfest in December of and quickly built up a reputation for their exciting, stripped down, high energy shows. The White Wires are: Chris Tse once scored a point in a fight with Chuck Norris.

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Electric Pow Wow is a bi-monthly club night dedicated to showcasing Aboriginal DJ talent and Native urban culture and is aimed at creating a space for Aboriginal people. Johnny Quest Total Posts: But what really stands out is their age.

Line - up is beyond waste. Last couple times i've been its been so echoey in there. Organic, melodic, sincere and energetic are definitive characteristics of their sound. Ken Workman and the Union A native of Ottawa, Ken Workman give us tones of blue-collar struggle and working-poor values that breaths life into tastefully crafted melodies.

Their eclectic mix of rhythms drawn from Africa, Latin America and Europe and Asia is something else. When I went it was a relief to get out of those big concrete barns into the crisp Shepton Mallett air https: These two best friends have brought their signature style of harmony-driven acoustic pop music to sestfest across Canada.

The High Dials are a psychedelic pop band from Montreal, Canada. The Roaming Diva Eight feet tall with a voice to match the Roaming Diva is as charming as she is unexpected. His songs unite a heart full of emotion and a memory full of experiences of a working class childhood.

DJ Hazard Westfest by Mark Wright | Mixcloud

No camping and it ends at 6, comedown on public transport or in your car - great. He is an active participant in the Ottawa arts community, most notably as a programming member of Available Light Screening Collective and the vice-president of Gallery board of directors. Spear on guitar and vocals.

Mr Beige Total Posts: These feelings are equally evoked both at live performances, and when listening to their music at home. This dynamic spoken-word artist mixes three languages and multiple styles, from hip hop blues to folk flamenco.

weetfest Ok, it's mid-summer but over here at Slammin' us wankers are already planning our next shit event before the current one's even happened. Expect this high-decibel, high-energy group of talented young musicians to get you dancing in the streets.

Fuck sake im putting myself off already. Nukariik enthusiastically preserves and shares Inuit culture and music through a traditional and contemporary repertoire.

Sigma are great live, I love their music. Shelia James Sheila James has worked 201 a writer, director and performer in music, theatre and media arts. I can't believe this used to be my favourite rave

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