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However, the scan speed is still based on your latency. Originally Posted by MagnusXP. Previously it was only displaying information from the online database. Last edited by tinyu:

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Send a private message to lewal.

Egar can still quick scan new targets at the normal rate. This will prevent the addon from breaking when the next wow patch goes live. Total is now 4 times faster then the original. I recently installed this add on to my WoW account, and it is showing information about toons when I mouse over them, but I have yet to figure out how to open the panel to get more detailed information.

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As a result everyone should receive a - increase in GearScore. Previously, when targeting a player an inspection was used with the "Quick-Scan" feature. In addition, the Raid Progression section of the Summary tab will also reflect this change. PlayerScore provides raid leaders with a wealth of instant knowledge such as Complete Raiding History - Allows you to view an easy to read breakdown of a player's raiding history including every boss kill and current top-tier raiding progression.

Traceback most recent call last: However, the scan speed is still based on your latency. If this feature were to be implemented, you can have it in the options like.

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Most players will stay at about the same score, while those in top-tier equipment will receive a noticeable drop. I'm getting some errors. Last edited by tinyu: Send email to nuen. You can also flag talents as bad for a specific spec and have PlayerScore notify acore in the future when a player is using those talents.

Add Stevenlandry to Your Buddy List. You can also disable features to save space and only provide the information you care about most.

Is there a way to bind the gearscore window to a key? Originally Posted by inhighspeed. Sort comments by Newest. The new Quick Rate Mode attempts to remedy this by displaying a small window whenever the user exits a 5-man dungeon.

This is the last score change, I promise! Send a private message to inhighspeed.

Advanced item tooltips make spotting bad items even easier with flags for enchantments, gems, and reforging. Any chance of an update?

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Unit Frame Panels -- nUI: You can also run the addon in "Lite Mode" which will disable the entire GUI showing only information on player tooltips. Send a private message to nuen.

We will try to update our database so that AIL info is available on mouse-over at all times. I use oGlow actually, and it helps me identify the quality of equipment someone is wearing without having to mouse-over.

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Sorting Sort comments by Newest Sort comments by Oldest. Some bug fixes are aimed specifically at the PTR version of wow.

As a result, it has been enabled by default. Enable this option in the options menu.

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