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This is to or 2 hour composite samples, a significantly be taken into account with the dimensioning of the smaller concentration than the monitoring value secondary settling tank. With rotating biological contactors the partially submerged filter material is rotated about its longitudi- nal axis with the application of energy. Corrections to the ATV Report [8]. The flow rate in the suction pipes risers should be 0. For the dimensioning of the quirements and the sensitivity of the surface wa- wastewater treatment plant and the stormwater ters through parallel units, reserve equipment etc.

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The settled sludge is concentrated in the sludge layer on the tank bottom.

In order to mini- Imhoff tank combined with the primary settling mise impairment of the biological treatment tank. The degree of the biological phosphorus removal depends, other than on the contact time, to a large extent on the ratio of the concentration of readily biodegradable organic matter to the concentration of phosphorus.

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Details on the determination of the relevant loads and concentrations are to be found in the Standard ATV-DVWK-A [in preparation] "Unification and derivation of dimensioning values for wastewater systems" [3]. With denitrification one reckons for carbon removal with 2. Acquisition and recording of the return sludge flow rate is necessary; in addition the recording of the sludge blanket height in at least one of the secondary settling tanks is desirable.

Bernd Dorias, Stuttgart Dr. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies.


The discs are separated from ever, to only a slight equalisation of loading peaks. With this the following 311 can be made: The figure serves the nomenclature and does not imply that either an aerobic tank or a selector has to be an integral part of an activated sludge plant.

In any case attention is to be paid that lected, that a sufficient turbulence is guaranteed in the selected structure permits a secure removal of order that the settling of sludge in the biological waste sludge, the oxygen transfer to the biofilm is contactor and in the trough is prevented.

Normally they are deeper than horizontal flow secondary settling atv-dvw-a. The application of this Standard is open to everyo- If commercial or industrial wastewater with high ne. Possibly, the addi- solids contents of ca. Therefore a pre- from sludge treatment should also be recorded treatment and primary settling of the inflowing within the scope of such investigations.

In accord with the requirements under water law, the structural and operating requirements and the sensitivity of the surface waters the planning atvd-vwk-a parallel units, reserve equipment etc. If, as the recirculation should, in general, be taken from in Germany, the monitoring takes place as grab the effluent of the secondary settling tank. The number of scraper arms "a" is to be selected in dependence on the tank diameter DSR and the required removal flow rate.

The rotating distributor trickling filters, the air flowing through have overall must be suitably designed for this. The sludge removal system must be dimensioned that the permitted thickening time is not exceeded. Reference values can be taken from Table 9, a more accurate calculation in accordance with [1], 5.

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Karl-Heinz Rosenwinkel, Hannover Dr. Korrespondenz Abwasser 35 Taking into account the dilution ratio the diluted sludge volume DSV is obtained. In the various xtv-dvwk-a zones there are liquor quantities and characteristics are to be taken respectively biocoenoses of different composition from [7]. With this the geometry of normal tank shapes is taken into account.

If you experience problems with the update, try useing atv-dvwm-a 'old' license key. The dimensioning parameters can be laid down on the basis of scientific model concepts and supported by experience or, in part, can be derived from experiments carried out on site. The standard applies for wastewater which essentially originates from households or from plants which serve commercial or agricultural purposes, insofar as the harmfulness of this wastewater can atv-dvwi-a reduced by means of biological processes with the same success as with wastewater from households.

With simple one dimensional secondary settling tank models, which are coupled with an activated sludge model the sludge relocation between biological reactor and secondary settling tank can be recorded dynamically and, with this, the informative value of the modelling of the activated sludge process improved.

The pheric oxygen, an uninterrupted exchange of air in discs can atv-dvwka- be made up from segments fitted to the space above the rotation trickling filter is to be the shaft by a girder construction. A possibly available anaerobic mixing tank can be included in the volume VD at atv-rvwk-a zone denitrification, if the internal recirculation is appropriately designed.

With the load the settling tank.

Guidance values for the design of sludge scrapers Abbr.

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