Broadripple is burning margot and the nuclear so and sos

Something that never really ever goes away. Don't look at me that way, 'Cause I'll be hanging from a rope. Flag nluken on October 26, The thing is, I actually kind of look forward to winter.

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General Comment so was he wasted on an airplane? So pack your bags and come back home.

Broad Ripple is Burningby Margot and the Nuclear So and So's : LyricInterpretations

And darling I'm lost. I feel like the 2nd to last verse is about closure but I need help on the "bombing east japan" part. Mmargot somebody moves And everything you thought you had has gone to shit.

For future reference, please do this in the comment section. Log in now to tell us znd you think this song means. And I wrote this on an airplane where the people looked like eggs.

Margot & The Nuclear So And So's:Broadripple Is Burning Lyrics

The sun is starting to filter through the faux-wooden blinds in piercing slivers and the unfamiliar sound of chirping can be heard through my houses paper thin walls. Maybe talking about World War II. I think the simplest explanation is this is a song about lost loved. Don't you dare forget that. Login with Google Error: Oh, darling I'm drunk, And everything that I had loved has turned to stone.

Want more songs for people to interpret? We do not have any tags for Broadripple Is Burning lyrics. The slow burner opens with the pitchy whine of a harmonica over the rhythmic scratch of an acoustic guitar.

We've got a lot.


Add your thoughts 34 Comments. General Comment I'm not sure what all this talk about Bripple high school is, Broadripple is a district near downtown Indy.

Well, we've got a lot. The imagery is fantastic though. And I wrote this on airplane where the people looked like ants. Broad Ripple is Burning Again, this is just my opinion, im sure others with different life experiences will think differently.

Refrain Same as last time. Something that never really ever goes away. Every year when the winter fades away and spring blooms, I get a heavy dose of seasonal depression.

Songs You Should Have Heard: "Broad Ripple is Burning" - National Road Magazine

Let it Be - The Beatles. I agree with everything you've written, except that BOTH districts have gone to shit. Thank you for starting the discussion with your interpretation.

We've got a lot. Retrieved from " http: We've got a lot. The trashed filled streets made me wish we were heading home. It's within one of the only verses that is written in the present tense.

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