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Unknown October 1, at 7: GEYG Start slowly and closely monitor to ensure that discharging is actually taking place in order to avoid overflow. Which of the options given would be a suitable strop to use for the operation? OHNX three tin-openers and a pair of scissors OHQF A pharmacy authorised or accepted by the Norwegian Board of Health or, if no such pharnacy is available, the master and a doctor approved by a Norwegian Consulate shall perform inspection once every 12 months.

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URMH A large temperature drop across the drier. PFDT Primary and secondary slop tank. It reviswer of a question database with over multiple choice questions, specific to the knowledge areas defined in STCW.

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PGHU As the second course. JDPL mm wg? FSBA Changing of filter element would not interrupt the engine operation. BLGF To relieve excessive high pressure in the cylinder to protect the engine from being damaged. Unknown December 8, at 6: LKCQ Nine digits, beginning with a three 3.

KELO Order the dock man to revieaer down.

DRKP 8,3 — 9. HNLE Opening water function missing. Unknown July 25, at 1: MBUO Every person other than the Captain and the members of the crew or other persons employed or engaged onboard the ship in the business of that ship.

Crew Evaluation System (CES)

OGQP Pushed by sufficient force to accurately check the correct adjusting pressure. EYCQ Close erviewer to prevent the spread of fire, and allow the extinguishant to be released without time wasting. While on boiler watch on an automatically controlled steam boiler the rating notices that the burner has failed to light following a drop in steam pressure.

GQQR Find out from officers and crew who have been in connection with the collision, what they have seen, so that detailed and complete description of the sequence of events can be entered in the log-book. RTPF Ask your superior for advise before attempting to operate it. Posted by Seafaring PH at 9: LRSY pH value 7. SELD Change operation to the third generator set, preparing the original set for repair of the failure and switching to manual mode until repair is carried out.

More readings should be taken and sediments, sludge and residue should be removed at least 10 m from working site. FQMB Cse the crane jib move up and down. TUBR Broken water seal, oil outside the top disc. CVAP It should be avoided, unless the tank atmosphere is inerted.

Which of the tools given in the options would be used to check that the alignment is correct by measurement of the gap between the coupling faces? Why is it important that the combustion chamber of a boiler is properly ventilated prior to ignition?

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Fire station Question asked JKEW Twistlocks and rods with turnbuckles? Unknown August 22, at FYRU The gas is harmful when the consentration is 5 parts per million or more.

YNPN Open steam valve very slowly, considering system expansion. TIPH As stated by shipper? PAQV All of the mentioned equipment.

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