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Since february , thumbnails come from Thumbshots: Our various iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, and rFactor 2 leagues are "serious fun" in a friendly atmosphere. Results 1 to 5 of 5. Tasty Tattoo - Jason Gaylor releases another round of Photoshop brushes: Stan's Halloween costume, '06 edition - Jason Santa Maria dons his Halloween costume right on schedule though I'm a bit late to make note of it.

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Filed under "Good one-page portfolio sites". I'm particularly intrigued by 5, "Less is not necessarily more", as I made a similar argument in Friday's "Essential Web Skills" presentation. Tales of Woe - Stan the seasonal themer.

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Windows 10 Pro Wheel: Visual por and HotLinks famous original logo by Fred Bourgeais. Using Microformats - O'Reilly eBook: Vector files are now available for purchase for the same set, as well as Fresh Foliage II. Results 1 to 5 of 5. It's a process of creation and deconstruction that can take days-to-months before every element, color, and bit of typography is in the right place.

Ten Things I Have Learned.

I'd like to hang a copy on my wall. Tales of Woe - Stan the seasonal themer Cameron Moll: Fanatec V2 Clubsport Monitor: I require a certain font called Etelka Wide Light Pro and I am hoping po has it, its for the public release of the Spyder from our boys. While our events are competitive, we welcome all sim racing drivers from beginners to the seasoned professional. No matter what your level of experience we have events throughout the week to match your sim racing interests.

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Contemporary home furniture and decor. All times are GMT Tasty Tattoo - Jason Gaylor releases another round of Photoshop brushes: Print version of Nine Skills? I was just hoping somone has it on their computer.

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Many web developers in Korea are paying attention to building liight standards-based websites. I am still currently looking for something to be as close as possible to it.

New Squidfingers site design - New site design by Travis Beckham, aka Squidfingers, purveyor of fine pixel patterns but also of some extremely impressive portfolio work. HotLinks is updated every hour.

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Our various iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, and rFactor ,ight leagues are "serious fun" in a friendly atmosphere. Cameron Moll blogs at http: Hot Links - Archives KeyWords: Since februarythumbnails come from Thumbshots: Web standards workshop in Seoul - "These pictures are from a web standards workshop taught by me in Seoul last thursday and friday," writes Suman Park.

Where to find "frilly bits" - Kate says, "I noticed all the little 'frilly' bits for lack of better word around the site; I'm wondering whether you made these yourself, or if you found them somewhere else. Greg Storey on design theft - "Look, design doesn't just happen.

Since februaryour famous logo lighf gone per Mattel lawyers request. Join Our Discord Community!

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