Kla project tak bisa pindah ke lain hati

View my complete profile Facebook Twitter Email Yahoo! With hits "Terpurukku Disini. KLa has successfully entered into the literary elements of Indonesian pop music. NuKLa had released one album in entitled "New Chapter".

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Kla Project | Tembang Lawas

Gak pernah dapet savage. But top of all i want looking for a new friends, new experiences, new acknowledges, and new lifes of course. Some members of KLa Project also his solo career. KLa Project better known as an innovative band that could not be separated from the menus with a string of lyrics and poetic words laden with meaning.

Songs and Albums - The songs are sung by the band KLa Project is the theme of love, the environment, and a love of the homeland.


Beginning inin Tebet, South Jakarta area, a group of young men began existence at the music of Indonesia. Will feel strong when we hear repeatedly of their work.

The melody, it is absolutely the best among all of Britney Spears. Saya salah satu penggemar kla project, apalagi lagu Yogyakarta. Admin Tembang Lawas Welcome to My Blog I really exciting with browsing, blogging, social networking, file sharing, publishing and some kind of mystery. Hitsnya song is "Yogyakarta", is a tam near Central Java with the theme carried away memories of someone who is romantic city of Projecct.

In the process of this album, they are more open to compromise in making the album presented to the audience listeners KLanis.

And this name is used as the title of their album this time. KLa Project better known as an innovative band that could not be separated from the menus with a string of lyrics and poetic words laden with meaning. V is fifth with hits album "Romansa". If we are observant, the selection of titles for each song was always their priority. I take aside comedy scenes and action scenes as I put them into dedicated lists on my blog. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: One reason is the difficulty of changing the image of the old becomes new KLa.

KLa Projectthis is their first album. Musical colors KLa Project as outlined in a song always has to be more digestible solid meal. With hits "Terpurukku Disini. Most of these moments I watched during my childhood with pure emotion, which is why I projdct took them fully as a growing kid.

KLakustik 2 is a continuation of the first KLakustik first album. Synthesislzin his seventh album, which became a barometer of music in Indonesia. Katon, Lilo, and Adi. Katon has released six albums, Adi scored two albums, one album and a new Lilo. But the passengers suddenly catch him, take him into the train, lift and bring him up to the inside with their show of hands.

Jadi inget konser KLa 5ense suara mas Katon serak-serak gtu. KLA Project — Laguku Those real stories related perfectly with the lyric of this very famous love songs. Ungu is the first album without Ari.

Konser Kla Project & Java

Seen from the beginning of the process of making songs, lyrics and concepts that they watch as the key to the explosion of this bsa. View my complete profile Facebook Twitter Email Yahoo!

KLA Project, biarpun dl blm gak krn yg setel bkn aku tp ini jamannya kakakku,dia suka setel lagu2 KLA Project, ak suka lagu mrk enak didenger, puitis n ga 'ribut' Saujana means vision, which takes the theme of the Indonesian state conditions, in order to continue to have the foresight.

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