Osdate script

Please read line 8 of file to cha Nederlands taalbestand Contributed by Paul Groendaal for osDate version 1. Please considere this file and not the old. German states fine in ISO format.

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My Minas patch1 to 1. The file describes some changes I made to the original osDate source code.

Advanced newsletter feature allows the site administrator to send messages out to any group of members. CometChat automatically synchronizes with your site's friends system. Allow members to quickly upgrade their membership, and compare features among various membership levels, using this membership comparison chart.

osDate Chat Plugin | osDate Audio Video Chat Module - CometChat

In other languages Add links. This only affects users who downloaded RC6 on Nov. Using your FTP Client, right click on a folder or file, in the pop-up menu, click on properties, and there the properties CHMOD for that file or folder will be displayed.

Quite obvious, isn't it? German states fine in ISO format. This is a smal Members Only Image Mod. German states in ISO format Contributed by www.

Here is the deal:: Monetize osDate with CometChat and its features. Plase visit my site www. Please read the ReleaseNote. This is all Mogens Joergensen's file. Many details where corrected and all Features are full useable. Have fun whith this fantastic script!

Affiliates system with administrator controls and statistics. The site administrator can easily specify the privileges for any membership type, and even create new membership types or delete existing ones.

Before you start, you need to know a few things first. Please considere this file and not the old. This one loads properly. You do not need to re-run the installer.

osDate Chat Component

When all is done, and all the information is correct, you can continue. Fixes email sending broken info, more acurate translation ffor the Americas ossate international meaning language. Included are fully responsive templates with nice little plugins plus more at www. Upon login, members have available to them a member panel, where they can quickly access FlashChat, phpBB, and other useful tools.

This is done by web developers to develop and test websites "locally" first, before the website is loaded to a "live" webserver for the public or other parties to access. Nederlands taalbestand Contributed by Jan de Graaf for osDate version 1. Ok folks as I promessed few days ago here is the Universal Spanish for the America's.

Do not confuse the file config. Translated from the english file. Later i'm going to Daar heb ik nog geen tijd voor gehad en ik vond het niet zo belangrijk.

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