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On the day of the wedding, Salman goes to Zartaab's bedroom to ask for forgiveness. Meanwhile, Danny finds out about Zarnaab. Absolutely loved the credits at the beginning with the piano playing and the papers turning! She tries to commit suicide but is saved in time. Zarnaab tells him the story of how hundreds of years ago there were two lovers who wanted to get married but their families disagreed.

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I missed it yesterday because of my preps for exams but thank you so much for this detailed review. I would give full marks to the director for making a typical love story very interesting and giving it a new flavour.

Tarang Housefull ~ Armaan Telefilm Review – Desi Rants N Raves

Views Read Edit View history. Aesthetically sound, well-directed, a tightly knit narrative, the story a lovely blend of romance, humor and melodrama, fabulous acting by all, and well taarng to boot, this one ensured that I was thoroughly entertained throughout. And I fully agree with you that Vassay surpassed FK in many scenes. Your reviews are really lovely to read.

What gave it the extra edge though was the tarka of what is now fast becoming recognizable as the Vasay Chaudhry brand of dry humor.

Armaan (Tarang Housefull Telefilm) - Watch Online

Perhaps someone could fix these before the DVD versions are shipped out? The one thing I did not like at all was the entire Ko Ko Korina bit. No,seriously, I completely understand how it is like trying to be on top of everything I think you are doing absolute justice to your blog despite being under work pressure.

Loved his expressions, especially in the last few scenes when he had that intense glare in his eyes. He was the reason why this was the most anticipated movie in this series of remakes, and to his credit Fawad did carry the movie across the finish line. When they jumped, the cloth rips off and pulls them back to safety. There would be many sparks created there. Not inclined to marry, Armaan informs Danny that they will switch roles in Murree. But needs to diversify.

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P,i hat off to the whole team with the hope of their pondering over what other marvels could be fetched in: The Zartab- Salman pair was okay, though Mahnoor did look very pretty throughout. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Time tu lage ga na to get into another city. A shocked and dejected Armaan resigns himself to marrying Zartaab. Like everyone above have already said, telefilj was definitely the best so far amongst all the tarang telefim series.

No offense to any fans out there but I tarrang the chemistry to be very dull and dry, the rain scene resulting in the biggest disappointment. She telffilm him to leave her alone and marry her sister instead. Good luck with your exams, IA you will pass with flying colors!

And I agree that I thoroughly enjoyed his interaction with Vasay. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Full marks to the stylists Maram and Aabroo for giving Fawad a very different look — loved the ode to Waheed Murad, with the longer hair and lock across the forehead.

Zartaab, on the other hand, is in love with Salman and wants to marry him. Vasay, good job there too! Reluctant at first, Armaan agrees to go to Murree when he is told that Tadang also lives there. Meanwhile, Danny finds out about Zarnaab.

Indeed Aamina looked stunning, particularly in that song, and she and Fawad did look good together, but after having seen her chemistry with Adeel in Silvatein on Thursday, the romance part seemed a bit thanda here.

Just one thing, Zartaaj had left the house in the morning then by the end of the night how was she still in Murri hanging out by the trees in that freezing weather!!

Loved this Tarang telefilm! After a misunderstanding where Zarnaab unexpectedly finds out that Armwn was only posing as Danny, the couple is able to patch up after Armaan explains everything to Zarnaab.

Really enjoyed this movie!

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