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Wikipedia citation templates can now be directly generated from the university's on-line archive of theses. After reviewing the consultation, we'd like to hear your feedback on on this survey. This course itself achieved an exceptional record of Wikipedia Education program excellent content and the best term ever in the history of WEP in Egypt in general and in the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University in specific. Wikimedia Bangladesh's new secondary school education program aims to increase Bangla Wikipedia readers Bulgaria:

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The goals are to 1 build a shared understanding of the value of Wikimania to help guide conference planning and evaluation, and 2 gather broad community input on what new form s Wikimania could take starting in Thanks to everyone who submitted stories and helped with the publication.

Shaken but not deterred. Online communities are supercharging people's careers. The Mexico City campus had the larger group with almost 90 students registered, who covered the two southern boroughs of Xochimilco and Tlalpan. The Education Extension is being deprecated second call The survey report live presentation is available for viewing.

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Wiki Education publishes evaluation of Fellows pilot. An experience with middle school students in Ankara.

Abeer let the chance to her students to choose any articles they would like to translate from the Spanish Wikipedia to the Arabic Wikipedia or working on articles about history. Fifteen students completed work with Wikiservicio doing upitrebi, writing new articles and doing photography projects. Opportunities to grow in Oman. At WikiClub you get knowledge on your own will.

Uk, India, Palestine and more. Different educational activities were carried out simultaneously.

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We have completed analysis of these results and have prepared this report summarizing your feedback and important changes for Wikimania starting in as an experiment. The reconnection of Wikimedia Projects in Brazil.

Wikipedia calls for participation to boost content from the continent. Editathon for young students to edit articles about their school Mexico: To do usually using and using within large rowes angry codes, such ambushes and states you include a weekly upotrebi klikere download free at your response sitting games, years, and modifications. Volume 4 Issue 10 October Read more about the Wikipedia Education Program in Israel here. A new academic course featuring Wikidata at Tel Aviv University.

Overview on Wikipedia Education Program in Taiwan. Czech senior citizen program scales up Egypt: Everybody reads Wikipedia, but few people edit it.

Wikipedia Education Program expands to new campuses in Cairo Syria: Wikipedia Classes are officially up and running Basque secondary students have now better coverage for main topics thanks to the Education Program What lecturers think about their first experience in the Basque Education Program.

The education program has kicked off as the new academic year starts in Albania.

An auspicious beginning at university in Basque Country. While Wiki-med is focused on contributing medical content to Wikipedia and is only available to Medical Students on campus, the new course is designed to accommodate students from different academic disciplines and varying backgrounds.

Though the course focuses on adding quality content to Wikipedia, it also aims to help students sharpen their academic skills and their 21st century skills, highlighting collaborative learning, joint online research and interdisciplinary collaborations in the process of constructing knowledge. Since February, Wikipedia has taken a prominent role within Masaryk University. This fall masters students in History and Archeology at the University of Oslo take on the task of Wikipedia editing as one of the main parts in a subject on communication of History.

From the Education Team. See the course page of this group on the Arabic Wikipedia here. Wikimedia Serbia launched Wiki scholar project.

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