Micromax a110 superfone canvas 2 software

Gogi is canvas 3 is coming till January end? Chk ths out dear.. What are the demerits of buying the phone plz tell? Never ever Buy from Timtara.

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For those who understand synthetic benchmarks, it scored on AnTuTu Benchmark, not bad at all for a phone at this price. Buy from flipkart safe and fast.

Micromax mobile just like a use and through mobile. Music playback is handled with micromx stock Android player and has a only average quality. It looks quiet asymmetric. Now the questions is Will using a Class 10 show any significant difference in the performance. Load some heavy web pages then check pinch to softaare. Is rooting a option to solve performance issues.

Plz help me bro… However I am able to download apps using its default browser. Where is widget setting or widget add setting in MMX A Pls help and explain once again fully thanks regard. Mohan April 3, It stopped many times. Gogi, but warranty problem with zopo, I like zopo configuration but unknown company and may be warranty issue.

I tried to short list mmx a and iball andi 4. I strongly recommend to MMX A and suggest u can own it blindly.

I am planning to buy this product. How do I stop vibration while typing on Micromax A Atif, sorry been out for a while just got iball andi 4. Amal October 26, Aashiq, check if the Bluetooth is working try some other devices like, headphones, file supervone etc.

As if i install any app in Google play on PC it install on phone consuming my Phone internet data. Even the other devices are catching fair strength ,My Canvas 2 is dropping and catching wi-fi ,Is your problem got cahvas anyhow ,I am planning to take the phone to service centre ,Any luck if you got it fixed without taking it to the service centre.

Micromax Canvas 2 A110

Can A be rooted? Whenever i install apps it directly going to mb Phone memory.

Sign up for our Newsletter: Absolutely, you cant find any phone is better than this at this price range…it is superfonw good. And with which phone you are comparing MMX A within this price range. I am seeking advice from other friends also those who visit this blog on regular bases for experience with Chinese online website and mobiles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For use on A or any other phones class 6 is more than sufficient, you will not notice significant improvements if you use class 10 on such devices. I purchased a micromax A today, and it was working fine for 2 hours without sim card inserted into it and then after sometime i switched off the phone and inserted the sim card but now my fone is not booting up and its shows blank screen.

Micromax Superfone Canvas 2 Price in India | A Specifications, Features and Reviews

Other features LED flash, 4x zoom. How to do it? Dear Gogi you review is good but the product and the brand is sucks.

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